Kimmer filming Johnny Bee and Machinegun

My friend Richard Peardon called and invited Retro:Kimmer and hoped Machinegun would come along to the ultra cool Detroit People's Art Festival last weekend in the Russell Industrial Center on Clay St.

Most of my favorite Retro fantastic rock artists in attendance. Leni Sinclair, and Gary Grimshaw all had exhibits at PAF. Also Johnny BEE Badanjek had his marvelous art on display as well! Machinegun spent a lot of time interviewing Johnny Bee and it was history in the making watching these 2 Rock Legends sit together and discuss music. See Machinegun's PAF Story HERE
What an opportunity to meet all of these very talented Retro fabulous artists and stars in person. I took three cameras and picked up Machinegun on the way... We thought it would be great fun to interview his many very talented friends from Detroit's classic age of Rock n Roll. They were going to be all in one place!

Here on the left is Richard Peardon the very talented graphic artist whose work with Circus Boy caught my eye a few months ago which led to our meeting. Richard's pal Johnny Bee pictured above setting up their booth for the show Saturday morning.

Of course these are the charming ladies of the jewelry booth where I spent most of my time when not filming. I came home with 6 new pairs of very retro cool earrings. The gold plated fish are my favorites. See on the rack to the right side? They had bottle cap earrings! How retro fab is that?

Love Marc's use of color.

We loved Marc Christy an incredible artist at the PAF: Marcusworx. I knew my artist daughter would love his style so I grabbed 2 postcards for her. She did love his work.

Machinegun loved Exhibitor Elmus and his very eclectic taste in jazz vinyl recordings. We filmed the interview see it HERE. His booth had terrific exotic clothing and perfume oils too. Sadly I left all my money in the jewelry and art booths... MGT really enjoyed talking with Elmus.

Johnny Bee holding Leni Sinclair (right) photographs

What a fabulous way to spend a Saturday in Detroit working with machinegun is a joy and what a learning experience it is following Mr. Thompson around as he spins his unique magic! Loved every minute of this day.

Johnny and Machinegun on the Legacy of the MC5


Johnny Bee Badanjek said...

Thanks Kim for all the beautiful stories, It's a great job you've done. Keep up the good work. And It's alway's a pleasure to hook up with Machine Gun. All the best. Bee

Leo B said...

Nice video vignettes Kim. Dennis as roving reporter! - Leo

Retro Kimmer said...

Thanks Leo Machinegun is a natural!

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