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The Rationals' soulful cover of Otis Redding's "Respect" pre-dated Aretha Franklin's by a year, and was picked up for national distribution by Cameo-Parkway. A couple of years later, their single "Guitar Army" neatly encapsulated the explosive ethos of the Motor City and provided a title for MC5 mentor John Sinclair's book of street and prison writings. (Three tracks from an early nineties Rationals reunion can be heard on the career-spanning rarities compilation "Medium Rare" on Real O Mind Records, an essential purchase for anyone looking to discover the breadth and depth of Morgan's talents.)

Kimmer had the great fortune to go spend time hanging out with legendary singer and lead guitarist SCOTT MORGAN. Al King drummer of Gorvette and Mazinga the son of my pal Jim King introduced Kimmer to Scott at the Rationals CD Release Party this past summer at the Magic Bag in Ferndale.

We did a little impromptu interview back stage but the poor lighting and my little traveler cam didn't make for a really good video. I really wanted to take the fans where they had not been before. To talk to Scott Morgan in a relaxed setting and see what might happen. It was a fascinating time and I loved every minute which BTW flew by in a blink.

Oh yeah and Scott signed my Grit Noise and Revolution (David A Carson) book, Motor City Rock n Roll too (Bob Harris) and my notes that I made with photos/questions I would use.

Found out at work yesterday that I would be interviewing an filming with about 3 hours notice. Luckily for me the I94 Barman and expert on all Detroit Rock n Roll began sending me tips and ideas on Friday. He sent me the fantastic photo of Scot's Pirates at the top. Love that shot.

Al King is such a talented musician and young promoter. He reminds me of me back in the 80's running around doing shows all over the USA. Al King has boundless talent, energy and such resilience/resourcefulness. It will be very interesting to see which direction his life takes.

As we were figuring out how to film... Scott handed me the Sonics Rendezvous Box CD set On one of the booklets was this totally gorgeous photo of Scott with a turquoise satin shirt. Mentioning how much I loved that shirt, Al asked Scott if he still had it in his closet. HE DID....

How RETRO:  is this???

Here is Scott with his Rainbow and Turquoise Shirts

We loved all the memorabilia, posters and shirts in Scott's home but I loved this item in his living room... his autographed photo from Stevie Ray Vaughn's CD cover Texas Flood .. Totally priceless. My eyes went straight to that poster when I entered the room.

We got down to the business of talking about Scott, Kimmer, Al and all of our mutual friends past and present. We ran the gamut from coast to coast, decade through decade. These videos are of course completely unscripted and off the cuff. As my normal partner in the interview business was absent last night, I did the interview alone yikes! Machinegun Thompson was sorely missed! Dennis makes impromptu interviewing look so easy and it is not!

Let me say this about Mr. Morgan... Scott can really sing and is a seriously underated guitar player as well. His voice is still just a soul filled and clear as it was when I first heard him play at Chances Are a bar in Ann Arbor (Second Chance) in the 1970's.

We talked about all of Scott's many bands. My favorite of course... the Rationals and my favorite song I NEED YOU is playing everyday in my Jeep

I love this video of The Solution with Nicke Royale of the Hellacopters...

 HERE Look at the new cool autographs Scott did for my collection.... this one is from David A Carson's

great book Grit Noise and Rock N Roll The cover page of my notes I threw together for the interview.


From Motor City Rock n Roll by Bob Harris Great book of rare Detroit rock photographs


  Thanks so much Craig, Al, Rob, Lesley and of course Mr. Scott Morgan ....


Jukebox said...

Very cool.

Retro Kimmer said...

Thanks box saw you play last night and you were killer I out a you tube of it up on Mackyplanet youtube

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