We had a blast last night at The Rationals Cd Release Party at The Blind Pig. We were there to see Scott Morgan sing The Rationals songs! We loved the energy and Scott was in a really great mood. I got there early and the big burly bouncer demanded to know who I was and Scott came over and said, "Let her in that's Kimmer, she is here to shoot photos!" So the bouncer moved out of the way and kindly held the door for me to bring in my equipment. Whew!

We especially came out to see our talented friend Chris "Jukebox" Taylor play guitar. He is the hardest working young musician around. Don't know how Chris manages all the events he promotes, gigs he plays, his day job, blogging and his family too. I am exhausted just typing his routine! Nice work Chris!

We came in and set up the best spot for the shoot stage left. Bought the poster whic is totally cool see... Nice I have my poster autographed and hanging on the fridge for a few days before it goes into my portfolio of rock posters. This one is done by local artist Jeremy Wheeler. He was busy multi-tasking as he DJ'd last night too.

We met up with Jeff and Amazing Alice who we met online in Myspace... They were so nice and what a great pair to spend the evening with. Jeff is an encylopedia of Detroit Rock and asked Kimmer to sign his Detroit Yearbook. We signed at the bottom of the page with the MC5 photos.


We were also really happy to run into Singer Hiawatha after many years since we met at the Underground Bar in the 1970's. A bunch of us went to an ABP (after bar party) at Hi's house. we all danced and laughed till early in the am.

We were having some technical difficulties with the still cam last night and the very charming guitarist from Devil Elvis jumped in to assist me with the shoot and he grabbed some great shots for this post. Thanks so much Dr.KK! We hope to go out Halloween and shoot their show. My daughter the photographer will be shooting stills for this and I'll shoot the video.

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Mark Boone said...

glad you made it. Nice blog...I planned on being there but something really important came up last minute and I knew nobody would miss me....

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