Ann-Marget what a gorgeous shot!

Ann-Margret is one of the most fascinating of all the gorgeous stars of the 1960's. Multi talented and a risk taker too. Loves motorcycles and taking chances. One of her first movies was one of my favorite comedy films BYE BYE BIRDIE. Here is Ann singing the opening scene.

Ann-Margret Olsson becomes Ann-Margret. George Burns propels her into national prominence in Las Vegas. Her meteoric rise to stardom begins with LIFE Magazine cover story. For a really in depth bio on Ms Margret click HERE

This period details her early film career: "Pocketful of Miracles," "State Fair," "Bye Bye Birdie," "Viva Las Vegas" with Elvis Presley, "Stagecoach," and "The Cincinnati Kid." Her fairytale marriage to Roger Smith. TV Specials, record releases, Las Vegas nightclub act, and national recognition as a "superstar sex symbol" punctuate Ann-Margret's life in the fast paced sixties.
Roger Smith and Ann-Margret
Viva Las Vegas remains my favorite because of the chemistry between Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley. No one knew then that they were in a love affair but once we knew that tip you sure can see it on screen. Check this video, my favorite scene: The Lady Loves Me.

Really hot dancing scene with A and E

A really brave twist was the Who casting Ann-Marget in the Rock Opera Tommy. She stole every scene she was in.....Talk about RISK TAKING!

In 1977 while performing at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, she fell 22 feet from the stage and suffered injuries including a broken left arm, cheekbone and jawbone, that put her out of commission for ten weeks after which she returned to the stage almost back to normal. Roger Smith flew a stolen plane from Burbank to Lake Tahoe and back to get her to surgeons at UCLA to repair her injuries. She has never looked the same but she is beautiful just in a little different way.

Before and After

Boy those surgeons sure did a marvelous job! Ann Marget is about the hardest working woman in show business decade after decade she reinvents herself and her movies have proved her to be much more than just eye candy. Her most dramatic turn was with Jack Nicholson in (R Rated) Carnal Knowledge but we had a hard time watching her in this part. Well I think I'll end this Ann-Margret post with a fabulous video of Ann and TINA! Watch this one it is out of this world... who else could keep up with Tina Turner??? Annie DID


Fast Film said...

Since you're into detective work of late (Jimmy Recca piece) why don't you do a piece on the other most interesting of the Elvis co-stars, the elusive Jocelyn Lane. I think you're going to be really surprised.

Tom Wall said...

"Yeah, she's pretty cool. Another one was Marilyn Monroe, who could be extremely funny in the right role - check out "The Seven-Year Itch". Too bad that some of those folks didn't have good people around them to keep their heads on straight... "

eyegee said...

"love the EP/A-M non-lp duet "You're the Boss""

cyd said...

"A goddess. When she dances with Elvis in Viva Las Vegas! Super sexy in Carnal Knowledge. She was good in Pleasure Seekers too. And such a slut in Cincinnati Kid. So scary in Magic as Peggy Ann Snow. One of my all time favorite movies of hers is CC and Company riding mororcycles with Joe Namath. KIM have you seen Ann Margret in Murders Row with Dino--THE AWSOME 60's CLOTHES!!! I LOVE HER."

Retro Kimmer said...

Yes Cyd have seen them all and most at the theater too. Time to re watch them though as I have forgotten so much...except Viva las Vega!

Anonymous said...

Ann-Margret's fall did not alter her gorgeous sexy looks in anyway. Her face does not look any different after the fall at all. People's looks change with years. The photo with Ann-Margret's longer hair was a photo taken of her when she was much younger and other the photo with her shorter hair was taken when she was older. Thats why she looks a little different. I feel that people put it in their minds that she looked different after her fall and surgery. But she looks exactly the same. She had surgery only on the left side of her face and the right side of her face looks exactly the same as her left side after her surgery. Her facial surgery was done on the inside of her mouth to her face not to the outside. Her bones to her cheek and face on the left side had to be put back together by a surgeon. By a miracle of God, Ann-Margret's facial skin did not tear during her fall and therefore she has no visible scars on her face from her fall or surgery. Ann-Margret is the most sexiest, gorgeous female star Hollywood has ever had. Marilyn Monroe and Raquel Welch are no match for Ann-Margret. No other female looks like Ann-Margret, talks like her, walks like her, dances like her or even comes close to her beauty of perfection. Ann-Margret's eyes, mouth, face, and legs are beyond perfection.

Retro Kimmer said...


Unknown said...

Does anyone know of an affair between Ann Margret and Sam Cooke?

Rare Film & TV Classics on DVD! said...

thanks so much. thought provoking, insightful ... plus so many memories.

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