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Retro:Kimmer meets Dave Wakeling of The English Beat (so cute)

Kimmer and Dave Wakeling of The English Beat

Retro: Kimmer was invited to cover The English Beat show in Ferndale MI last night and our specifications were a 20 minute interview and no flash photos for the first three songs. A bit tough as I like to video a few songs to share with my readers. But I did do live video with Dave and I alone which was a lot of fun! Watch them he is so charming and fun.

Hatter with a big Beat Fan! Nice Tour bus for the band!

Grabbed my Detroit Rock n Roll Icon driver buddy Stanley T. Madhatter and asked my pal expert photographer Dan Sultana to come out and shoot stills with me (aqs he is much better...) Dan and I had both sides of the stage covered but the lighting is so bad in these clubs. Why don't these clubs turn off those colored lights until after the third song then use them? Or let us use flash......

The traffic was rush hour and my jeep was just about to over heat but we got there and just as I walked up to the back door of The Magic Bag, the door opens and it's DAVE! Sweet! I said, Dave!, I am Kimmer and I am here to interview you and shoot your show. He had no idea that I interview on video and not taped for writing it later like a music reviewer might do.

I explained the impact blog promotion had now for entertainers and virtually any project you need and international audience to see. Dave grasped that concept quickly and we went into the theater to find a light place to film. We found a table right by the front window, perfect!

Bit of a chat part 1

When I first started some research I wanted to know about the famous "Tear Drop" guitar that Dave plays. so I called my client and guitar HERO Deniz Tek of Radio Birdman to find out the details behind this guitar.

Of course Deniz knew the guitar was a Vox Mark III Teardrop. (He knows them all) Deniz told me that Brian Jones first made it famous using it with the Stones in 1965. Deniz said Vox has a release of them now see them HERE Brian Jones and Teardrop   p Dave and I talked off camera about his guitars and he told me that he gave his original to the Rock Hall of Fame and he plays a newer one that is customized to his specs.

The English Beat Equipment photo: (C) Dan Sultana
2 Vox Mark III's (Teardrops) and a red Fender Telecaster

One of my favorite songs of all time is Can't Get Used to Losing You and though Andy Williams does the beautiful smooth 60's original Dave does the most gorgeous and very romantic version of that song and with a faster hipper ska beat.


Cheryl Sinclair said...

Thanks Kim for everything you do!

We are driving more of our 1970 classmates to your site.

Look forward to hooking up with you in July!

Take care,


Lynda Ray said...

Very Cool Kim!
They're playing here (California) the first weekend of June.

Mike Freund said...

"THANKS, KIM! A shout out from Dave Wakeling? Big ups to you!"

REV William J said...

Miss R/K: just watched all of your interview from "Beat" show. Very good. Like-you-say, that guy is easy to talk-with, and you mostly stay-the-f-outta-the-way and let him talk. Very nice camera-work, doing it all yourself; just focused on the star ... steady, looks like mounted camera! Long-as-you're "crediting" on these, why not make an old man happy and maybe list "The Reverend J. William" as "Spiritual Advisor"? Just kidding ... That went very well, though; I'm sure Wakeling will appreciate it, and should help your pages, too. -

carlton ez action uk said...

brilliant stuff kim , dave's looking good all that californian lifestyle. the ferret down the trousers ha ha ha that's very British I saw the beat lots of times once supporting Bowie in 83 .

great records my fave is Too Nice to Talk to

great band

Carol S said...

"Kim you are amazing!!"

PrincessChronicles said...

You're right. He is still sexy and he still sounds really good. Great interview. Thanks for the story!

uncleavi2002 said...

I grew up in Michigan and also have seen Dave Wakeling play many times.
A great artist!

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