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The Popped Fan Club package comes in a Polypropylene box with complete reproductions of the original 6 ‘Popped' fan club newsletters from 1969-1971 as written by Natalie ‘Stoogeling' Schlossman. These are a part of Stooges History that you may not have known about if you live outside of the USA or indeed if you do live in the USA. Very few were originally made.

To accompany these newsletters will be a set of unseen, reproduction polaroids & photos taken by Natalie.. A small part of a vast archive, the rest will be used in an upcoming book that Natalie, Per Nilsen and Easy Action are putting together.
We are only going to make a few of these things as it's not for everyone.

From Natalie:

Back in the the day, I used to visit Detroit/Ann Arbor frequently to attend Stooge gigs. I am sure we were in the same place at the same time and knew many of the same people. Anyway, the Fan pack is called Popped and includes all my original fanzines, photos, a live CD with a 20 page booklet of vintage photos of the band taken from '69-71, a reproduction of a Stooge handbill and Tee shirt. Carlton and I have been working on this release for a year now. It is scheduled to release in August and is up on the Easy Action website.

Thousand Lights CD

New York
1. Dirt
2. 1970

Chicago 18th July
3. Loose 3.39
4. Down On the street 5.00
5. 1970 5.26
6. (the shadow of your smile ) - Fun House 9.58
7. L.A Blues 6.08

Gooselake 8th August 1970
8. 1970 ( not an awful lot of bass )

Cincinatti 13th June
9. TV Eye
10. 1970


• Printed Polypropylene Box
• Introductory letter by Natalie ‘Stoogeling'
• Reproductions of all six Popped newsletters
• Reproduction Flyer of Boston Stooges gig
• Reproduction Polaroids/photos of the band taken during 1969-1971
• T shirt of Stooges run of shows at New York's Unganos club

EZ Website HERE

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Natalie Stoogeling said...

Wow, you are quick! A Great Big thanks!

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