Dennis Thompson and Ron Asheton Photo: B. Benaderet
Ron Asheton (July 17, 1948 – January 6, 2009)

Ron Asheton seems to me to be the biggest common denominator in Rock. Everyone loved him, he played with absolutely everyone, produced songs for lesser bands, and he loved his cats. Ron's birthday was yesterday and he would have been 62. Sadly he passed on to the other side last year and it was one of the first stories I wrote for Retrokimmer.com. The post is HERE

My cousin was the Ann Arbor police Sgt (now retired) that headed the investigation of Ron's death. No foul play found I was told.

My little girl then just 10 went to school by Ron's home and I used to see him from time to time getting the mail or in the yard and he always waved though he didn't know me. Gladly I always waved back as I didn't know who he was either! Just a friendly guy is what I thought.

Ron's Interview

In honor of his memory I thought I'd post some of my favorites photos of Ron with my friends and the video series produced by Colonel Galaxy and Niagara to honor Ron.

Rob Younger, Deniz Tek, Ron, and Machinegun in Australia on the New Race First and Last Tour. They look like they are having a blast and taking a break from rehearsing and playing. Dennis has told me stories and so has Deniz. They really loved Ron and both miss him.

Ron Asheton's New Order was his band that almost made it big in Hollywood. Jimmy Recca also a former Stooge, Dennis Thompson, Jeff Spry (rip), Ray Gunn and singer Dave Gilbert (rip) (Rockets) we all members. From the stories I have heard they struggled financially to get the band off the ground, ate boot soup, and then lost it all in one night.


john shoe said...

Thanks much for the Ron tribute .

Ronnie seemed like a really cool dude ; I'd long wished that I could have met him , in admiration for a fellow artist .

One of the biggest things I admire about Rev. Asheton was his love for kitties . That alone speaks volumes about his sensibility ! One whom shows love and affection for our animal superiors / companions , is one whom has an imperturbable Spirit ; a true entity .

Link Yaco said...

Link wrote:
"I remember the day I met Ron for the first time. Destroy All Monsters was practicing and Cary Loren had SOMEhow convinced Ron to drop on by. Ron picked up a guitar and belted out a riff that was SO cool. It was for Cary's song, "You know yr going to die" (or whatever was the real title--it was a song about the JFK shooting). His riff took over that song and it became one of their signature pieces when they gigged together. My mind was blown. I could not believe I was seeing (and hearing) what was happening. Something I shall remember to the end of my days..."

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