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When I was at the Detroit Music Awards I was lucky to get to see Savage Grace playing Along the Watchtower... So awesome! Crowd went wild... So get your tickets for tonight's show at the Magic Bag! Get TICKETS HERE

The new version of Savage Grace has my old friend Jim King on keyboards. The rest of the band is Mark Gougeon (bass and vocals) from Mitch Ryder and Lightning Frank Charboneaux on drums (Eric Burdon, Measured Chaos) and Mark Tomorsky on lead guitar and vocals (Little Richard, Measured Chaos)

Current members
Al Jacquez − bass, guitar & vocals
Mark Gougeon - bass & vocals
Mark Tomorsky − guitar & vocals
Frankie Charboneaux − drums
Jim King − keyboards

1990's members
Ron Koss − guitar & vocals
Al Jacquez − guitar & vocals
Mark Gougeon - bass & vocals
Jeff Jones - guitar
Bill Gordon - drums
Jim Claire - keyboards

Original members
Ron Koss − guitar & vocals
Al Jacquez − bass & vocals
John Seanor − piano, harpsichord
Larry Zack − drums, percussion

Savage Grace was Detroit, Michigan's progressive rock band of the late 1960s. With chops galore and a background rooted in jazz and R&B (with some good old fashioned Detroit rock'n'roll thrown in for good measure), Savage Grace stood out from the rest of the Michigan bands as something special and as something quite eclectic.

With Guitarist Ron Koss, keyboardist John Seanor, and drummer Larry Zack as the nucleus of a jazzy trio called Scarlet Letter (with two albums on Mainstream), the addition of vocalist/bassist Al Jacquez transformed the group into Savage Grace.

The band was soon signed to Reprise and released their eponymous debut album in 1969. Upon moving to Los Angeles the following year, the group embarked on a second album, which took almost two years to complete. By 1972, the trail had ended and the group went their separate ways.

Savage Grace never achieved the success that seemed like their due; certainly their musicianship was top notch and their songwriting was good enough, but in the long run, was also perhaps a bit too eclectic to find a mainstream audience. Cub Koda / All Music Guide

"Come On Down" / "All Along The Watchtower" (Reprise) 1970
"Ivy" / "Save It For Me" (Reprise) 1971
"Yonder" / "Friends" (Reprise) 1971

"Savage Grace" (Reprise/LP) April 15, 1970
"Savage Grace 2" (Reprise/LP) May, 1971
"The Complete Savage Grace" (33 1/3 Records/CD) 1998

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christoofat said...

I'd give anything to be able to be there tonight, the Grace were one of my favorite Detroit area bands from back then. Got to see them play live several times & they always delivered the goods. Wish they would play agound, oh ...around end of July when I'm back home for a visit. =)

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