Dennis Thompson and Director Ron Perry

It has been about two years since Ron Perry began his Detroit Rocks Project documentary. I met Ron over the phone in 2010 and in person at the Ivan Kral Blank Generation Screening in Ann Arbor.

Ron Perry is just the very nicest man I think I have had the pleasure to work with. So smart, honest, and focused too. We have collaborated ever since 2010. Basically for the DRP... I recommend some of my friends/aquaintances or ask Ron who is on his "hit" list and then we find them... LOL

Read all about The Detroit Rocks Project and see his newest Trailer HERE

Dennis Thompson waiting for them to finish setting up

One of the very first Detroit Rock Legends on Ron's list was my dear friend and client, Dennis Machinegun Thompson. But Dennis was into other things and difficult to nail down for yet another documentary...

The MC5 guys get asked for interviews every single day... Not a bad thing necessarily but they are usually asked to donate their time. Some of the documentarians feel the promotion should be payment enough... what they don't understand is... they don't need promotion...they need to pay their bills like everyone else...

DKT/MC5 have been working all of their lives and now they should be able to reap the rewards from their massive body of work. I'm just saying... give them their due.

Dennis autographing Nick Marocco's Vinyl Back in the USA

After waiting two years... I received a cheery call from Dennis asking me about Ron Perry's film. As fate would have it.. Ron was in Detroit filming so I made a speedy call to him. Dennis was in the mood and Ron was here. The guys left it up to me to find a filmlocation conveniently located to Dennis.

Tim Tongue and Dennis Thompson

Happened to get another call from one of my favorite Wyandotte, MI residents.. Photographer Patricia Izzo. Wyandotte would be a great location... so I asked her where she thought a good site for filming would be. Very quickly Patty popped up with Tongue's Coffee Shop right on the main street (Biddle) in town. Patty had sent me to that same shop about 9 months ago and I loved Tim Tongue the young co-owner. I had done a fun interview with him and here is that STORY lots of photos and a video too.

Put in a call to Tim and asked him if he remembered Retrokimmer and he laughed so loud... Of course he remembered the strange lady that came and shot photos of everything including the basement and the rest rooms... Such a cool old building! I asked Tim if he would mind if I brought a rock star and movie crew to his shop! We as you can see... Tim was up for more Kimmer Chaos!

Ron, his assistant producer Nick Marocco and I descending on the coffee shop and took the place over! Lights.. Cameras.. Action as they say. Ron and Nick set up very quickly and in walked the man himself.. Mr. Dennis Thompson.

I think Ron was a little shell shocked (pun intended) to meet Machinegun. They liked each other from the start. With a little warm up Ron was ready to begin filming. I was to photograph and shoot short videos to use for MGT's Blog and mine as well. My camcorder of course is no match for Ron's awesome equipment but it serves to give you readers a clue about what it was like that day.

Ron is creating a tribute video for Dennis and we will share that as soon as it comes in from Ron's studio..

Here is my video of Ron warming up Dennis Thompson for his interview:

Stay tuned to RK and MGT's Blog for more videos soon!

Thank you Dennis, Ron , Nick, Patty and Tim!!

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