I first met Ms Nina Friday on her birthday in 2009.  We met at the first Ruiner's gig I ever saw. I fell in love with Nina and The Ruiners band and then discovered Nina's paintings later.  She is a phenomenon... so humble, so gorgeous, and so talented. Nina's story is so compelling. I really didn't know the back story of Nina's life before she came to the US. Gratefully she has created a much better world for herself..yet... sadness remains... watch her story... We love you Nina....XK

A beautiful documentary video about Nina's life. Created by Working Pictures, Inc.,

Nina, a beautiful Russian Immigrant escaped the Russian mob and has built 2 successful  careerS in Detroit. Hear her poignant story about the murder of her parents and her eventual escape from communist rule.

Nina Friday is a self taught painter and musician born and raised in St. Petersburg Soviet Russia. Her paintings are inspired by the history, the people and dark beauty of ancient Russia. After the tragic murder of her parents by hand of the Russian mafia, she fled to the United States, leaving all she knew and had behind. Despite the despair and financial setbacks, she persevered and followed creative pursuits.

Lonely and isolated in a strange new country, and without family to rely on, she worked difficult manual labor positions, took odd modeling jobs and slept on floors and couches all the while creating a future for herself, and honing her skills as a self taught visual artist.

The subject matter in her works are primarily inspired from the dingy, poor and Dickensesque playmates and street urchins from her childhood, coupled with her own experiences and memories of growing up in a turbulent and impoverished Russia. The friends and culture she holds dear, are remembered by her for their blue blood elegance and stoic veil of sadness, reminiscent of persecuted saints and the lost nobles of Imperial Russia.

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