Leni Sinclair

We just LOVE Leni Sinclair...just the nicest woman...such generousity of spirit she possesses.  I have had the great pleasure to have met Ms. Sinclair many times recently and a few times long ago in Ann Arbor...

Here are a few randm thoughts I have concerning Leni and her life's work...

Leni captured the younger generation's rebellion, music, art, and to me freedom with her photo and video cameras.  How forward thinking Leni was... Without Leni the MC5, The Stooges, The UP, and many other Detroit rock bands may never have been so legendary 40 years later.  Her vision through the viewfinder was just amazing...

Now days... it is the new digital age where everyone is shooting photos and video with their cell phones...Leni used to have to tote very heavy and expensive equipment to all the gigs. How she did it I'll never know.  I can hold both of my cameras in one hand! 

Leni's vision through that viewfinder was just amazing...So please go meet her in Roseville...give her a hug for me and buy all her stuff! xxK

Dear Friends,

If you live in the Detroit area and have nothing better to do on Sunday afternoon (March 3, 2013), why not check out the Record Show in Roseville. It's always fun and interesting, and you can even buy food and beer there. I myself will be there selling my photos, books, CDs, T-shirts, etc. The flyer has all the details.

Thank you for checking it out, and thank you for being my friend.

Love, Leni Sinclair

This was such a fun day with Machinegun and Leni together!

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