Michael Davis (June 5, 1943 -- February 17, 2012)

Good morning my friends, sadly today is the one year anniversary of the passing of one of the world's finest people...Michael Davis. Resoundingly loved by the entire planet. I have yet to hear one bad word about this man.  We are thinking of his wife Angela, his children, and his legions of fans today and praying that they are getting along fine now.

This was a tough story to do last year and I was speaking with Cristina LeNoire the other night about Michael and she told me lots of anecdotes about Mike's time in Ann Arbor. Fun time remembering such a beloved man.  I decided today to share some fun things for Mike...RIP cowboy...

Michael Davis (June 5, 1943 -- February 17, 2012) was an American bass guitarist, singer, songwriter and music producer, best known as the bassist of the MC5.

This interview was captured on video in 2011. Gratefully the filmmaker Ron Perry is sharing this interview with Michael's family, friends, fans, and his numerous fans that circle the globe. RIP Michael you were truly loved and will be missed...

After dropping out of the fine arts program at Wayne State University, Davis became the bassist for Detroit's radical proto-punk band the MC5 in 1964, when singer Rob Tyner and guitarist Wayne Kramer decided that they liked Davis's style and wanted him in the band. He played on the band's three original albums, including their debut Kick Out the Jams, and remained in the the group until 1972.

After Mike Davis left the MC5 he continued exploration as a visual artist while serving time at the Lexington Federal Correction Institution for a narcotics violation. During this period, he was tasked with creating oversized abstract paintings for permanent display in the prison’s Visitor Center and administrative offices.

Several years of immersion in life in the desert southwest and world travels with various rock bands left Davis with the inspiration and desire to return to his roots as a painter, studying art along the way at The Armory Center For The Arts in Pasadena, California, the University of Oregon, in Eugene, Oregon, and at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon and Butte Community College/California State University, Chico in Chico, California.

“White Panther/Big World”

In 2009, his painting “White Panther/Big World” appeared on the Cleopatra Records release MC5: The Very Best of MC5.

The non-profit Music Is Revolution Foundation was founded by MC5 bassist Michael Davis to give schools funds & resources to enhance or create music education programs.

Get involved:

Music Is Revolution Foundation administers a mini-grant program for Music Is Revolution activities designed by teachers to implement, support, and/or improve their ability to provide quality music education for their students. Mini-grants up to $500 are available to teachers for music education activities of all types.

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Anonymous said...

I can't forget Evan Dando staring raptly at Michael's bass strings while he played 'Looking At You' at Selinas, mid 2005.

Michael, you lived a full life. Your time on this planet made a shitload of difference to my life. Thank you.

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