“A classic album by one of rock's foremost piano men”

Camarillo, CA – Much to the excitement of Billy Joel fans worldwide, Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity will be releasing Streetlife Serenade on 4.0 Quad Multichannel Hybrid SACD. Billy Joel is an incomparable musician, having sold more than 150 million records, he ranks as one of the most popular recording artists and respected entertainers in the world. Streetlife Serenade is Joel's third studio album originally released in 1974.

This album usually gets overlooked when discussing Billy Joel's career, but all these years later, Streetlife Serenade may rank as one of his finest efforts. Joel keeps things lively and diversified from song to song. “The Great Suburban Showdown” and “Last of the Big Time Spenders” have an openly spaced, laid-back western vibe, not unlike what the Eagles were doing during their 1970s heyday.

The spunky instrumentals “Root Beer Rag” and “The Mexican Connection” show off Joel's formidable piano-playing skills and are pure fun. “Weekend Song” is an awesomely rugged rocker and the quirky hit “The Entertainer” is sheer pop genius, both lyrically and sonically.

This was the last album that Billy Joel recorded with the singer-songwriter style. Most of the compositions look back intimately at Joel's life. The album has great arrangements and rhythms and lyrics that tell a story with feeling and hints that he had enough with California, enough with the music industry, enough with being a sensitive artist. It was time for Billy to say goodbye to Hollywood and head back home to New York.

Streetlife Serenader
Los Angelenos
The Great Suburban Showdown
Root Beer Rag
The Entertainer
Last of the Big Time Spenders
Weekend Song
The Mexican Connection

Producer: Michael Stewart & Billy Joel
Mastered for this SACD by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

For more info: https://audiofidelity.net/product/billy-joel-streetlife-serenade

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