So sad to lose such a man...His work really had a positive impact on the world. Once I began gaming in 1989 I stopped partying and became totally addicted to Mario and Zelda...Almost named my daughter Zelda!

My daughter was heavily influenced by Nintendo games from birth. I played Super Metroid, Super Mario, Zelda constantly and she loved the colors, the action, the music and now she is such a talented artist with a vast collection of action figures and games..

I know a lot of people think video gaming destroyed our children but I feel differently. I gave a subscription of Nintendo Power Magazine to 2 young boys who had trouble learning to read and those magazines gave them the reason to read. They wanted to know what those words were telling them so they could beat the bosses.

Also my gaming gave me a head start into the computer age. I bought my first computer in 1993. Gaming became more virtual and I lost interest..but I evolved into computer graphics and blogging...but I digress...

The most visible and popular president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata died Saturday due to a bile duct growth, the company announced Sunday.

Iwata, 55, was appointed president of the gaming company in 2002, overseeing the launch of the hugely successful Wii console, the Nintendo DS handheld and its line of Amiibo interactive figurines.

In March, he spoke to TIME about the company’s plans to move into the smartphone gaming market.

When he replaced longtime president Hiroshi Yamauchi, Iwata became only the fourth president in the history of the company and the first from outside the Yamauchi family.

RIP Player 1

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