What is retro evolution? Mining the prior to shape the future. This term fits perfectly with the rise and indomitable growth of the bingo industry. As it utterly evolved from being a land based game to be played in the traditional halls during 1500s to a game accessible from the comforts of one’s home or from anywhere in this whole world since early 2000s. This has become possible due to the fast paced advancement in the technology and the infusion of mobile technology.

We couldn’t access this kind of technology from our home during the 50s or 80s which we can approach today with just a single click. So, this is how the bingo industry has mined itself to cater to the needs of the future.

One remarkable example to suit this concept is our good old site Game Village Bingo. This site originally launched in 2007, has managed to grab a lot of attention with its uniqueness and especially after its revamp in October 2014 they reached the great heights.This site ensures a splendid time to all the players with a fab collection of online bingo and casino games.

They have these unique set of games like Village Inn, Power Bingo, Speed Bingo, Elimination Bingo, the classic 90-ball and 75-ball bingo rooms. Along with this they even have an impressive collection of instant games and especially after its amalgamation with Micro gaming, the world’s leading software provider for online casino they have aspired to a greater height

GameVillage has always been considered the social and community aspects as one of the major factors. Thus, they provide a captivating on-site forum to connect with the players, an amazing chat host crew for a comfortable journey, a village community for the players to feel like home and an in-house bingo radio for the music lovers.

Another considerable attribute is the ongoing tradition of conducting player meets at least twice a year at GameVillage. In today’s world all the likable games are available in our mobile devices then why not online bingo?

And since the online operators are certainly boosting mobile gaming, Game Village Bingo has superseded all its shortcomings by introducing itself on the move. Now, players can access all the games and fun available, on the smartphones compatible with all the software like Android, iOS and Windows by simply clicking on www.gamevillage.com on the web browser.

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