This week, the renewal of Humans makes news in several publications, while Gemma Chan is interviewed by The Telegraph. Plus, Colin Morgan professes to be anti-synth in Collider. Read on for more:

• “Humans will continue to live on AMC for another year,” says TVOvermind, reporting the news of a Season 2 renewal for the show.

• Deadline, The Guardian, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and TheWrap also cover news of the renewal.

• Gemma Chan, talking to The Telegraph, says the show has hit a chord because the “technology doesn’t feel like it’s a hundred years away anymore. It’s practically here.”

• Collider speaks with Colin Morgan, who professes to be anti-synth because “I’ve certainly seen the effect that it has on the characters in Humans. That’s not something I want to subject myself to.”

• Previewing Humans ahead of its New Zealand debut, the NZ Herald says the “thought-provoking series has received acclaim for its authentic portrayal of (near?) future technology.”

• The U.K.’s Now explains “where you’ve seen the show’s cast members before.”

For recaps and reviews of Season 1, Episode 6, check out Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Express, The Guardian and Vulture.

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