The season finale of RECTIFY, airing Thu., Aug. 13 at 10/11c, will likely leave you punch-drunk with goose bumps. Prepare yourself by checking out the following...

1. Photos: Behind-the-scenes pics with the cast, plus iconic Season 3 character portraits.

2. Interviews: Q&As with Aden Young, Abigail Spencer, Bruce McKinnon, Sean Bridgers, the supporting cast...

3. Personality Tests: Take the “Which RECTIFY Character Are You?” quiz to see if you’re more like Daniel or Teddy then apply for a job at Thrifty Town to see if you’re similar to Amantha. You can even find out if you’re made for living in Paulie, Georgia.

4. Podcast: Listen to the fictionalized investigatory podcast "The Case Against", written by RECTIFY staff writer, Kate Powers.

5. Interactive Character Guide: Get a snapshot of each character click by click with the interactive Season 3 poster art.

6. Full Episodes: Watch every episode of Season 3 so far online now, with no log-in required for 301 and 302.

7. Short Films: Watch shorts from RECTIFY’s Ray McKinnon, Abigail Spencer, Aden Young, Sean Bridgers and Johnny Ray Gill.

8. Quizzes: Test yourself with quizzes on all of the episodes so far.

9. Superfan Videos: Watch the cast answer fan questions in video interviews

10. Finale Sneak Peek: Check out what’s coming up in the final episode of the season.

RECTIFY Season 3 Finale airs Thu., Aug. 7 at 10/9c on SundanceTV.

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