We might think that romantic movies are fictional and have no reality to them but that’s not true. Sometimes, they leave a strong impact in our lives.

We love movies such as The Notebook, LA LA LAND, A Walk To Remember and many more because they teach us many things that are connected to our real lives.

It’s important to learn from movies as they’re not only made to entertain us but also to educate us. They take us to a world that’s unreal. The trick is to pick the best parts on our trip to this fictional universe and apply those parts in our real life as well.

Here’s are 4 romantic things we learn from movies:

1. Failure In Love Isn’t The End Of The World

There are so many movies that teach us that failure in love isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it makes us stronger and opens up new opportunities for us.

500 Days Of Summer is a romantic movie that we all love. It shows how Tom (Joseph) didn’t give up in the end when he found out that Summer doesn’t feel the same for him. He stayed positive and met a new girl at the end.

Forrest Gump is a movie that will always live in our hearts. Tom Hanks portrayed the role of a simple man who does extraordinary things just to prove his love. From joining the army to making world records, he does it all. However, Jenny still doesn’t accept him.

This sure makes Forrest sad but he never loses his will and keeps on thriving in his life.

2. Expectations Hurt

On one side, movies teach us to believe in love and on other they also highlight how love can fade away with time.

Blue Valentine featuring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams is one of the most melancholic movies till date. It depicts how the two fall madly in love and eventually get married but things change.

Things, for them, begin to turn sour after a few years as their expectations begin to increase. Tensions rise between the couple every day and eventually, Ryan walks away leaving Michelle and their daughter behind. 123 movies

The lesson to learn here is that expecting a lot from your partner can be disastrous and ruin your relationship. You should know where to draw the line.

3. Never Give Up

We often tend to let go of our love under pressurizing conditions, however, The Notebook teaches us something else. This movie requires no introduction as it has been 14 years since the movie came out and is still one of the best romantic movies of all time.

The Notebook features Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mcadams. The movie depicts the sheer will of Ryan when he falls in love with Rachel the first time he sees her.

He risks his life on a Ferris wheel just to win a date with her and never gives up on her. Despite being disliked by her family due to their financial differences, he doesn’t give up. Moreover, he writes her a letter everyday after they break up.

In the end, when Rachel falls ill, he reads out their romantic tale to her from a worn out Notebook and this teaches us that when you truly love someone, you shouldn’t give up on them.

4. Do What Your Heart Says

When it comes to love, we are often confused whether to follow our heart or our mind.

Titanic is an iconic movie that blew our minds and taught us that happiness comes from making the decisions from the heart. The movie revolves around Kate and Jack who are young, energetic, and charming. Despite Kate being engaged to a wealthy man, she falls for Jack on a sea voyage just because of his nature.

In the end, Kate listens to her heart. While the movie might have a sad ending, it’s truly a lesson in love.

5. Gifts Are Very Important

Take another example from Titanic. Jack gives Rose a gift that she cherishes all her life and it ends up being her only memory of him.

You should also gift your partner something like a name necklace so that she has a memorabilia of you to remind her of you even when you’re not around.

The Conclusion

There’s no harm in taking lessons from movies. You only need to know which one to take home.

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