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A room will be lifeless unless some decorative elements add beauty and aesthetic appeal to the room. However, when you do not have a large space that you could decorate as creatively as you want to, you have to choose and use wall décor appropriately so that you bring life and attractiveness to the place you live in without making the space look cramped and cluttered.

Things to have in mind while choosing wall décor for small bedrooms

It is quite a basic fact that light colors lend a feeling of spaciousness. It will make even a small room seem large. Using light colored wall decors and furnishings will enhance the spacious feel of the room. Using mirrors appropriately and making built-in furniture and storage spaces under beds could help you do away with the clutter. The mirrors do have the ability to make a room seem large.

Wall décor ideas for small bedrooms

Splitting the picture to enhance the spacious feel
Who would not love to have a lovely painting on the wall? Waking up to see a picture that you enjoy is indeed the right way to start the day. However, if you find that a framed art piece is cramping your place, you could choose a split art piece. The splitting helps you to get the wall décor done in order, and it would also work out as a space saving idea.

A large mirror would be a great wall décor that instills a feeling of spaciousness in the room. It will make you feel like there is some extra space in there though, it is not quite there. Therefore, a large mirror is a wall décor you cannot ignore when you decorate a small room.

Using Eye-popping décor

Though this might seem contrary 3D wall décor that props out of the wall seem to help in opening up the room. It’s one of the easiest ways to make the walls attractive in a short span of time. Though, one thing you must pay attention to is that the wall décor you choose must be light in color.

Wallpics Photo Tiles

Wallpics Photo Tiles is another way to decorate your walls quickly and without damage. These are the 8x8 sized tiles of your favorite photos printed in HD quality. Wallpics tiles have become popular among common people as well as among celebrities, because of their reasonable price, premium quality, free shipping and the ease of use.

Moreover, they are 100% stickable! You need no photo frames, glass, glue, nails, or screws. They meet your needs easily and make your walls attractive at once. Wallpics application is unique and can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play. It’s one of the best and the most trendy wall decor’s technique. To get more information visit their website Wallpics.com.

Using decorative pieces aptly

Decorative wall décor is a must have in the bedroom for it speaks a lot about your personality and has got a lot to do with the aesthetic appeal of the room. In case you are decorating a small room, choose decorative pieces that have a common theme and are of a color palette that matches each other and that of the room as well.

Use mural

The role of murals as a wall décor cannot be underestimated in enhancing the spaciousness of the room. It does not occupy space or pop out of the wall, as well as it does not need to be framed. However, it does its bit in creating a feeling of spaciousness and satiates the craving for having an art piece on the wall. You would have the whole wall dedicated to art, it’s just like in the museum. With careful choice of design and use of light colors in the picture, you would indeed be able to make the small room seem bigger.

Choose vinyl sheets as wall décor

When you are decorating a small room, you might not quite have the space to display creative art, but you can use the wall for such purpose.

You can create art by maintaining the neutral color in the small bedroom and accentuate it with vinyl sheets of different shapes, sizes and colors, prints and textures. Use the bright ones or any others that would make your mood, use interesting vinyl sheets to make your room seem larger and stylish.

Using wallpaper and wall pictures

Instead of just hanging the picture on the wall that is the focal point when you open the door, you can hang the medium-sized picture covered with a wallpaper on the wall as if it’s a picture. For that, you need to find wallpaper, an old and not pretty picture, stapler and a craft-knife. When you wrap the picture with the wallpaper and fix it with the stapler, your new decorating picture will be ready. Wallpaper is again a wall decor that by itself adds a touch of aesthetic appeal without occupying space.

Use walls to make storage spaces.

Since there is a shortage of floor space in a small room, you may consider using wall mounts that act as storage space for the items you want to have in the room. You may even choose decorative wall stands that will solve the dual purposes of aesthetic appeal and practical storage unit.

Wall Moldings

When the bedroom is small, and there are no art pieces that could hang in there, you could make the room look decorative by itself with the help of wall moldings. This can be applied where the wall and ceiling meet, where the floor meets the wall, the functional molding which is done to protect the furniture from damaging the wall, picture railings up a few inches away from the ceiling so on. The molding by itself makes the room seem decorated.

To sum up, it’s just a small list of the techniques that you can use to decorate your walls and make a space you have seem larger and stylish. There are many ways to do it but use them effectively. You can come across quite many wall decors that are decorative and practical too. One of the latest trends in wall decor is Wallpics tiles that has gained much popularity and its impact in home decoration is going strong these days. Still, choose the one that suits you and the room you’d like to make more attractive.

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