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The 60s were arguably the most beautiful decade in the history of cinema. It was the time of independent cinema, the New Wave in France, the great Italian directors, spaghetti westerns and space odysseys. We’ve put together a small list of romantic movies from the 60s that will take you back to the past to feel the magic of that age.

Let's Make Love, 1960
Jean-Marc Clement, who’s famous for his numerous love affairs and a huge fortune, finds out that he’s about to become an object of ridicule in the new musical. He visits the rehearsal to sort things out, but everyone takes him for a double actor who should play the role of Clement.

In the theater, he meets the charming actress Amanda and continues to pretend to be a poor actor to earn her affection. The intrigue of the film twists around this misunderstanding. Clement tries to win Amanda’s heart with his artistic talents but soon discovers that other actors are much more talented than him. He has no choice but to use his main advantage...

West Side Story, 1961
Accompanied by the luxurious music of Leonard Bernstein, this drama with Shakespearean tones unfolds on the streets of New York in the 50s. Before getting on the big screens, West Side Story had long been known as a Broadway hit, so there’s nothing surprising in the fact that the film version which exactly repeats the stage one is an example of choreographic art. Unlike modern experimental film music, the actors don’t perform songs themselves.

Jules et Jim, 1962
Perhaps the most famous film by Francois Truffaut and, admittedly, the main film of the New Wave. Two friends, Jules and Jim, live in early-XX-century Paris. Jules, who always fails at love affairs, tells his friend that he likes the girl named Catherine.

She, in turn, plays with the feelings of both but hesitates to make a choice: they spend time together, walking and discussing books and art. But World War I separates the friends. Matured heroes meet after the end of the war and ask Catherine to make a decision which, as the tragic finale shows, wasn’t the one both expected.

Fun in Acapulco, 1963
This movie tells us about love adventures of a fun-loving, charming guy in Mexico. Mike Windgren works on a boat in Acapulco, and when the daughter of its owner fires him, the hero is forced to find a new job. Mike becomes a lifeguard and a singer in a local hotel and falls in love with the girl named Marguerita who also works there.

My Fair Lady, 1964
Professor Henry Higgins makes a bet with his friend that he will be able to teach correct speech and high-class manners to the illiterate street flower vendor, Eliza. Making a real lady out of her, the professor doesn’t notice that, over time, he begins to develop feelings for her. The film won four Oscars and became a recognized classic of the genre thanks to not only great music but also the brilliant performance of Audrey Hepburn.

Barefoot in the Park, 1967
Paul and Corie Bratter live in a small apartment in Greenwich Village. Corie thinks their place is cute, while Paul, a conservative lawyer, can’t stand it. Boyer, a classic image of a ladies’ man from France in the eyes of Americans, plays a slightly crazy womanizer, living on the floor above, so he has to pass through their apartment to get into his own.

Romantic Corie likes the old Casanova, and she introduces him to her mother. This results in many comical and touching complications. For instance, Paul refuses to offer his wife to go barefoot to Central Park when it’s cold and raining outside. But love conquers all...

Hello, Dolly!, 1969
It’s another great Hollywood musical based on the eponymous Broadway production. New York. 1890. Matchmaker Dolly Levi goes to Yonkers to find a girlfriend for a lonely millionaire. There, she convinces him, his two clerks, his niece and her fiancé to go with her to New York where she finds a couple for everyone. By the way, if you’re looking for some company too, check out these single Russian women for marriage. Who knows, maybe your story will be no less romantic than these movies.

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