Are Natural Human Growth Hormones Worth Taking?

The level of human growth hormone (HGH) we have in our bodies decline as we age, which some people believe leaves us vulnerable to weight gain and muscle mass loss, so replacing these hormones artificially helps to rejuvenate bodies and improve the range of things we can do.

Of course, there are also people who claim we shouldn’t interfere with nature, that there must be a reason why HGH levels start to drop. So the question has to be – are natural human growth hormones really worth taking?

What is human growth hormone?
The pituitary gland is responsible for producing this hormone naturally, and it is quickly converted by the liver into different growth factors which work to promote cell growth and good health throughout the body. Since the 1980s the FDA has approved the use of synthetic HGH in adults and children.

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The benefits of taking human growth hormones
There are two ways to use HGH, in small doses it is said to aid recovery after serious illness, improve general health and help fuel anti-ageing therapies and treatments, while more substantial doses help boost weight loss and strengthen muscles.

Stronger limbs
Improving physical abilities is a key benefit as this doesn’t apply only to athletes, but benefits ordinary people who struggle to maintain muscle mass and enter a vicious circle of inactivity leading to weakness.

Faster healing
Fractured bones are a major hazard for older people, so it’s exciting to learn that human growth hormone can help bones heal faster by stimulating its growth. Similar good effects are reported on various wounds and injuries, with faster healing taking place across many controlled studies.

Increased weight loss
Combining a sensible calorie controlled diet with HGH seems to boost the rate fat is lost and support the retention of muscle. Men who suffer from extra weight and fat around their middle have also been seen to get great results on reducing this by using HGH.

Better bone strength
As human growth hormone exists in part to make and strengthen bone mass, it’s not much of a surprise to learn that as our body’s natural levels decrease with age so does the risk of breaking a bone. Therefore there are lots of benefits to taking HGH and strengthening bones in later life.

Improved mood and thinking
Everyone deserves to feel happy and contented and to have calm and clear thoughts, but unfortunately, some people struggle to achieve these things on a regular basis simply due to their biology letting them down. Treatment with HGH had been shown to make a real difference to both mood and thinking ability in people who had low levels in their body.

Final Words
These are just some of the many benefits taking natural human growth hormones can offer those who have lower levels than average in their body. Ageing will inevitably mean these decrease, so taking steps to supplement HGH is very sensible.

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