Knowing the difference between an acoustic violin and its electric version can help you take advantage of the best instrument as a string musician. This is a crucial step in improving your skills while achieving advanced status as a violinist. In addition, you can discover other essential techniques that will help you build a successful career in music.

Acoustic Violin Details

Acoustic violins have a hollow structure to increase vibrations of violin strings. They are designed with a sound box to naturally amplify sounds when the strings vibrate against each other. You hear the sound right from the time it is played. However, for many people, it’s more difficult to play an acoustic violin than its electric counterpart.

The best advantage of acoustic violins from electric versions is the weight. Obviously, an acoustic instrument is more lightweight and manageable due to its traditional construction. You only have to carry a 480-gram classical violin when you choose the acoustic model. Plus, its natural amplification produces more classical tone than the electric amplification.

Electric Violin Details

On the other hand, electric violins have a solid structure in order to boost amp for better sound quality. They don’t have a sound box, but they are created with an external device like speakers or amp so that the sound will be heard across the theater. Slight sound passes off from the instrument, but it’s barely audible.

With plenty of colors and designs, electric violins instill a new experience for modern string musicians. In fact, they amaze beginners and students who want to learn the art of playing stringed and bowed instruments like the violin. It opens possibilities that composers and violinists can explore so that new skills and techniques can be learned.

When it comes to the strings, classical violins only have 4 strings while the electric violins have more than 4 strings. In terms of design, acoustic violins have traditional styles and are unfortunately limited. But if you choose the electric violin, you can enjoy unlimited designs and sizes depending on your personal preferences.


When choosing a musical instrument, it’s important to consider what makes you feel more confident and comfortable. Violins have their own pros and cons for every purpose and use. If you think that an acoustic design is best for you, then go for it. But if you want to experiment and be modern, the electric violin can help you create interesting sounds.

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