Now, there are a lot of ways you can evaluate the games in a casino, you could go by how great the House Edge is to pick the one where your odds will be the best; you could pick the one where you’ll get the biggest jackpot if you manage to land the big win you’re dreaming of; or you could even just go by what your purveyor of choice has most available. All of those would be a sensible way to make a decision but what if you just wanna find the coolest game out there? It’s got to be Craps, right?

What, not sold? Let’s go through the games and see which one is coolest – you can even head over to Paddy Power Vegas afterward and see if you want to give the games a look-in.


Slots don’t usually sit very high on the cool factor – the games are cool, of course, with stylish 3D graphics and headline-grabbing jackpots that’ll definitely make the papers if you land one. But for the casual observer? You’re just watching colors flash and land while pulling an arm at one side. All the great visuals the player gets to see, for the observer, just looks like someone working an arm over and over. Visually engaging it is not, which makes it rather hard to make slots out as the coolest game.


The Advantage player’s favorite. The pay-outs are pretty slim with this one, but the house edge is quite narrow and it’s possible to get a real leg-up on the competition. Basic strategy tells you what to do for each hand that comes out and tricks like card counting, which relies on you keeping a steady track of cards as they come out in order to inform your decision, can give you a real advantage. While it’s great for improving your odds, it does hinder how cool you look since you’re essentially doing maths puzzles the entire time.


This is the only real contender for Craps’ crown, because poker just looks cool as heck. Keeping the cards close to your chest, holding your poker face while you make eye contact with the guy across from you daring him to call your bluff, landing the big pot. The only thing that could keep it from securing the top spot is that there is a further much cooler tier of poker than the standard casino games in the form of the World Series of Poker. No matter how cool you are in the casino, there’s a much bigger field out there for you to play in.


Whereas for craps, the casino is the be all and end all. A crowd of players all watching the shooter as they shake the dice, get their date to blow on them, and hurl them down the felt, bets placed on whether it’ll pass or not. Whether you’re betting on the roll or throwing the dice, there’s no denying how cool the game looks and feels with a crowd of spectators all cheering you on.

What do you think? Are we way off-base here? Let us know in the comments below!

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