“She’s a bad mamma jamma... 
lightning kicks and thunder thumbs” -Quincy Jones

Vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, NIK WEST, who will also be opening for Lenny Kravitz in Europe, is set to release her sophomore album “MOODY” on April 1, 2020. The much-anticipated release features the legendary funk pioneer, Larry Graham (mentor of Prince), Emmy and multi-Grammy winner, Narada Michael Walden (hitmaker for Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Carlos Santana), and more.

▪️Composer ESPN & DISNEY
▪️Worked w Prince, Quincy Jones & more

“MOODY” is a wide-angle interpretation of everything NIK WEST has picked up along life’s journey. Musically and lyrically speaking, West moves effortlessly between genres. Her production gives you the maximum ear candy complete with a live band and horn section in "Funk For The People" and "Boom Baby Boom,” minimalistic sounds like pop charged "A Man" and "Moody,” and balls-to-the-wall rock "Bitter End" and "We Can Do It," the all-female rock anthem featuring Cindy Blackman-Santana and Larissa Basilio. West will be touring across the U.S. and Europe this spring and summer. Check out the tour dates here.

Since her arrival onto the music scene, NIK WEST made it clear that she is the future of Funk. And just when it seems the rockstar era has ended, in walks NIK WEST - an out of the box, colorful, new age kind of artist who has worked with a long list of greats such as Prince, Quincy Jones, and more. Dave Stewart, of Eurythmics fame, dubs her as the female Lenny Kravitz with a mixture of Prince and the funk heroes that came long before her. For Her Full Bio, click here.

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