Photo: 1983 at WWCK goes to Michelle LaRose

We have a guest post today from the best looking DJ in retro rock history! Jim "Bad Boy" Baade who is also a superb Rock Radio filmmaker. 

We thought my readers and fellow retro music fans would love to see all of Jim's historic rock history films! Hopefully, many more to come!  Kick em Out Bad Boy!

Photo of Jim with Greta Van Fleet holding up a copy of Local DJ (Left to Right Sam Kiszka, Me, Jake Kiszka and Josh Kiszka. Photo Credit Sophia Baade

Flint’s Best Rock was a passion project I made while taking a filmmaking class at Mott Community College in 2012. I didn’t realize the movie would resonate with so many people, but it did and that just blew me away. The film recounts the glory days of WWCK, an Album Rock powerhouse in the ’80s that went to become the Best Rock Station in America according to Billboard Magazine!!

It wasn’t corporate radio, but true radio- when radio had a lot of power! I wanted to be as honest and intelligent as I could in telling the story about something I loved and was a big part of... and it kinda sent shockwaves both locally and nationally to an extent. It won Best Doc at the Flint Film Festival and was elected to be in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Photo Credit Sophia Baade

Local DJ was a tribute to my mentor and true Rock n’ Roll Hero - Peter C Cavanaugh!! It was my highest professional honor to have Pete endorse and love my film.

The group photo is of a small reunion of WWCK DJ’s (left to right: Jim, Randy Stephenson, Tim Siegrist, and Randy Bhirdo)

Local DJ is 101 minutes of an immersive experience connecting key elements of a half-century of radio, Rock n’ Roll and Culture featuring Michigan’s significant contributions. A microcosm of our shared experience to Rock music in American with non-stop throbbing, pulsing and pulverizing red hot Rock seen through the life and times of Rock n’ Roll Hall Fame DJ Peter C Cavanaugh.

https://vimeo.com/330236501 (Flint’s Best Rock 2012) - Password 1234

https://vimeo.com/330230347 ( Local DJ The Story of Michigan Story) - Password 1234

https://vimeo.com/331733752 (Local DJ The Story of Michigan of Rock Trailer) - Password 1234

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