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New to Esports Betting? The Need to Know

Over the past few years, esports betting has really started to take off, particularly amongst the big few games that make up the majority of the esports gaming scene. But recently, newer titles that are a little more familiar have also started to move into the spotlight that are a little more familiar and have helped push the esports betting market further too, with newer sites like these found here becoming available too there are plenty of betting opportunities – but where should you start, and what are the need to know factors about esports betting that may be harder to understand as a newcomer?

International play is important – Whilst more traditional sporting events such as the world cup will bring teams together from around the world and show which region may be performing the best, teams are often pitted against each other only regionally. It’s very different in esports, whilst regional leagues still remain very important, there are a lot more international competition and the biggest events always bring together the best teams of each region for competition – in certain games, specific regions will be dominant over the others, some games will have regions underrepresented, and others will be quite balanced in their approach. If you’re looking to find a start in esports betting, it’s important to understand how international play operates, and how the strengths and weaknesses of each region impact performances.

Stats, stats, stats! – An important part of betting has always been in the understanding of statistics – whether or not a player is good, on a form, and their performance history for example. This is something esports has done very well, with a full roster of stats throughout a player or a team’s professional history, it’s very easy to find out everything you need to know heading into a match. Take a game like Counter-Strike for example, you can see which team regularly wins the first round, which team recovers the best from a losing streak, etc – there are plenty of stats out there, make sure to use them!

Understanding the nuance – An experienced fan of a traditional game like football will be able to explain the ins and the outs of a specific play, break it down second by second, and understand why choices or movements were made. This largely comes from not only the experience of watching but also often of playing a little too - the same is true in esports, the experience of watching will go a long way to understanding why choices are made but playing also helps better develop this too. With many of the bigger titles being free to play and easily accessible, it may be worth a little time investment to try the game out for yourself and to better understand the way the game is played, that way you can appreciate the nuance and better understand what is happening at the professional level when placing your wagers too, and may even help influence a winning choice over a poor choice.

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