Retro Fashion Trends Are Making a Solid Comeback

Grandma dressing is one trend that we spotted a lot in 2020. Many young girls picked on the outwear and accessories, which seem stolen from the grandma's wardrobe. It did look cute then, but honestly, we did not quite expect it to gain the kind of popularity that it finally has. Now, as we have entered into a New Year, we can see that grandma's clothing has become a lot more enticing than ever before. See, if we accept the old books, movies, and music, coming back in style in the 21st century, why should we be hesitant in accepting the old fashion trends from the 60s, 70s, 80s, or the 90s? Of course, as time passes, the trends change. But a lot of these trends are an inspiration from the past decade. Do you know what the best part about these items is? You do not have to go out and splurge in them. You can rent them or look at your mom's or grandma's closet, and you can find a lot of pieces that you can re-create and restyle. Let us take a look at some of the fashion trends, which are making a comeback.

Silk printed scarves

If your Gram is still not swamped with influencers and fashion bloggers recreating and restyling the silk scarves in every way possible, we are judging you. You need to up your follow game, and move on to the more forward Influencers. Anyway, the fashion people have been tying these scarves around their hair, torso, and neck, and it looks classy as ever. This style goes back to the 70s when the silk scarf was a hit. After all, can we ever forget the Goldie Hawn's scarf as a headband look or the Bianca Jagger's loose hair scarf look? Rebecca, who offers online poetry classes, says that she was the happiest when the silk printed scarves made a comeback. Well, we are sure she has a lot of pieces stocked in her grandma's closet.


Little Women sure has got us into thinking a lot of things. One amongst them is the corsets. Corsets are cool, fashionable, and very alluring. However, back in the day, women wore corsets under their dress to keep their stomach tight. Today that is not the way most women wear. Today women either wear it as a standalone by teaming them with flared denim or wear it over the T-shirts to give it a bit of a shape. Regardless, it is one trend that we are 100 percent rooting for.

Knee-high socks

Well, if I am honest with you, the knee-high socks remind me of my elementary school days. Yes, of course, my grandma, too, but more so the former. But don't you all remember your grannies wearing the knee-high socks as the replacement to full pantyhose? Now, young girls are styling these with short skirts and high heels.


No, no, no! You are so not being Punk'd. The fashion era of Tweed is officially back again. You may have seen a lot of fashion influencers donning Tweeds in 2020. The trend is here to stay and will be as popular in 2021 too. Ruby, an associate with FineGrades, says that I love Tweeds for the simple fact that their material is timeless. Well, yes, you may wear it ten times, and the material will feel fresher than ever before.

Circle skirts

Back in the 1950s, the circle skirts were a staple in the prim lady's wardrobe. If truth be told, not much has changed. In every modern girl's closet, you can easily find this classic clothing piece. Of course, women know several ways to style these skirts and give them a modern and cute outlook. You can pair it with leather accessories and berets.


Corduroy was a massive trend in the 70s. However, back then, it was predominantly used for children's clothing. They are making a comeback in the fashion era, and this comeback is solid. Today we see corduroy everywhere. From skirts to shirts, handbags, pants, and jackets, corduroy is in vogue.

Fanny packs

Also known as the dad bags, the fanny packs are something we saw on all celebrities, bloggers, and influencers. It was like the mandatory inclusion in the airport look of celebrities across the world. Jenifer, a TrueBlueFishermen representative, says that there are days when you want to dress down, and that is when these fanny packs come in handy. We feel you, Jenifer! The thing is, on your lazy day, even if you pick any not-so-fashionable outfit and style it with a fanny bag, it will do the trick for you. They tend to steal the focus from your outfit and make it stand out. So, for all the lazy girls out there, here is the tip can swear by.

Round glasses

We know you will say round glasses are the best 70s trend. Do you know what? You're mistaken. They saw new popularity in the 70s when Janis Joplin and John Lennon began wearing them. It is for this reason they are also known as the Lennon shades. However, this style goes back to the 1920s. Yes, that is when the round glasses entered the fashion space. But after the 70s, they have been creeping back in every decade. Today, we see them everywhere, and given how cool they look, we do not mind.

Crop Tops

Ever since crop tops became popular, they have been restyled and reinvented in so many different ways. The good thing is you can hoard them in your wardrobe because it is one trend, which will only surge in popularity year after year.

Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans are known for their loose-fitting, high-waisted, and tapered around the ankle look. Back in the 90s, the mom jeans were everywhere. They made a solid comeback in the 21st century, with multiple new ways to style them. So, now, you can bid adieu to your stylish but not so comfortable skinny jeans and shake hands with the mom jeans. Rosy, an assignment help Adelaide service provider, shares that she always shops for her jeans at thrift stores. Well, we support this outlook entirely as it is an incredible way to reduce waste. You can style your mom jeans with belts and boots, and it will be your perfect off-duty model look that people will adore.

High-waisted jeans

We know that we have already mentioned the mom jeans in the list, but high-waisted jeans are a broader term. They were a prominent 40s trend and are happily making a comeback. It was initially designed by Levi's for women working in the factories and lands, but today you will find them in every fashion-forward woman's closet. For the best look, pair it with a sneaker and a crop top, and you are sorted.


Pearls are back, and we could not have been happier. It is indeed one of the raging jewelry trends and is here to stay. The thing with pearls is they always look timeless and classic, and you can repeat them at 100 events, and nobody will complain. Of course, the best part is you can find them in heaps in your granny's closet. For an excellent first impression, pick out a classic pearl string and layer it over your tweeds. Pearl earrings are also a rage.

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