Scott just sent me these very cool b/w 8x1os this week. The above photo shot in London 1973 really depicts the glam rock era in rock music. Loved this era as men were allowed to experiment and push the envelope largely. Today not so much...

This shot I just love. Love the shirt. We all wanted to wear this shirt! The Monkees sported a similar style shirt but Scott's is much better with more details and snaps instead of buttons.

Scott's autographed photo of the great Buddy Miles. American rock and funk drummer, member of Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsys from 1969 through to January 1970. Our favorite Band of Gypsys tune is "Machinegun".

I think this is Scott's book cover but I forgot to ask him yesterday to be sure. I'll get more info and add it asap.

Thank you Scott!


  1. Great story I finally just got to read it...

  2. Greg Charles1/06/2011 11:49 AM

    Thanks for your Beautifull tribute to Stan..He was a Beautiful Person..greg

  3. Incredible story, tribute and video!



  4. Zed Led Zombee1/06/2011 11:58 AM

    Thank you; he appears to be the kind of colourful fellow you would like to have known and met. 62 is way too young.

  5. re: new SRC photos, the top one in particular-- no wonder Angie and Trina were smitten...

  6. You're actually beginning to scare me. I read, sadly, your tribute to The Hatter and remembered him announcing my (very forgettable)band at the Grande, and thinking we had 'made it to the big time'. Yeah right.

    Today, I swear i was listening to my Milestones "Blacksheep" and what comes up on Kimmer? ARRRGGGHHH!!!!

    My name is Randy, a Port Huron native who was always on the outer edge of the Detroit rock scene. I was the world's biggest SRC fan, having opened for them many times, and knew every lead that Quackenbush ever played. Having a B-3 player, we even did 'The Angel Song."

    Anyways, it occurred to me I've never said thanks, even though i look forward to RetroKimmer daily. Not only the rock scene that was, but the memories....the memories....

    You're an institution, dear one, and I heartily thank you. Like the Hatter, i have the Big C and am just takin' it a day etc. Been a looong bus ride.

    Thanks, and keep going. You rock MY world!



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