Niagara Detroit is one dangerous woman. Brains, endless beauty and talent, always a dangerous combination... Niagara defies all categories. Fascinating to watch on stage or sitting at the rail in a corner bar. It is impossible to ignore this woman. Niagara causes a scene where ever she goes.

When I first met her at a gig we did last year at The Blind Pig, I witnessed her magic in person. From the second she walked in the door the room lit up. Buzz began to spread and people rushed over to let me know she had arrived...

It was exciting to finally see Niagara in person. I wanted to meet her, I wanted her autograph and most of all I want to shoot photos for my blog.

Most of my readers know that I have met tons of my favorite rock icons of late. They have followed my travels with Dennis Thompson, Stanley The Madhatter, and other companions. But what I never disclosed is how nervous I was meeting Niagara. Dumbstruck and wordless aptly describes that moment.

Since that meeting I began a folder saving photographs of this artist and I thought it would be fun to share a slideshow of Niagara. She is one of the most unique and undefinable women I have ever encountered. Not to mention how much I love her art and her stage persona. Niagara and I share a love for our favorite pets. We also have quite a few friends in common.

Her husband Colonel Galaxy kindly sent me some cool recent photos of Niagara on tour in Australia with Chris Klondike Masuak and the Hitmen. Finally this Christmas I received the Veronica Lake giclee from Heather Harris and love it so much! I am a huge Niagara fan!
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