Tino Gross and The Howling Diablos

3600 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-2660
(734) 769-4323

This Saturday night the Howling Diablos are coming out to my neck of the woods to play. So great to see this fun and musically gifted band play so close to home. They will be appearing at Guy Hollerins at the Holiday Inn on Plymouth Rd at US 23 in Ann Arbor.

Opening the show will be former Urbations leader and Ann Arbor resident,Chip Reed and his Funky Bunch. Should be a blast... First time we ever had an opener at Guy Hollerins God Bless

Kimmer and Tino Gross

I have to say that I absolutely adore Tino Gross and Ms Lexy. There were truly never two lovelier people in my acquaintance. Great fun to dance with and watch on stage. The entire band is so funky and fun. Johnny Bee will be on drums Saturday so don't miss this night...

If you have never been to this lounge, you'll be delighted to see how large and wide open this room is. I love seeing bands here. So relaxing and fun for dancing too.

This will be my first show in 2011 and sadly my first gig without my pal Stanley T. Madhatter. Hatter passed away earlier this month. So I will be missing him but the one thing Hatter loved the most was seeing his friends and watching a great rock n roll band from DETROIT.

Detroit's 'Finest' the Purple Gang

Betcha didn't know that The Diablos' roots started with the Motorcity Mob. Tino Gross' Uncle Harry was whacked with Purple's Leader Harry Millman--1930s

Barrett Strong and Tino Gross

Tino Gross is such a consummate musician and everyone has worked with him. Recently Tino worked with Motown Legend Barrett Strong ("Money").

Last year I went to see The Diablos and tried to stand still and film their signature song "Go Gene (Krupa) Go". There was this terrible black fencing around the stage so I got up on the stage and while standing beside Johnny Bee Badnajek's drum kit I began filming. The Rah Rahs were stanind around me and I was dying to dance too! Well this is not the greatest video job by me , but the energy is captured and you can see how much fun the audience and I were having!

Here is a little video I was lucky to shoot while standing right next to Johnny BEE I am really campaigning to get all my friends off the couch this Saturday night and join me on that dance floor and celebrate our beloved band THE HOWLING DIABLOS!


Con Artist Trickster said...

Your site is just awesome. So many classic stuffs here, some of them I learn for the first time here. Cool.

Tino Gross said...

Thanks for all the 'Diablo Love'
Looking forward to seeing you Saturday... we have an opening act this Saturday so we'll get going around 9:30
See ya

Retro Kimmer said...

THANKS Trickster! Happy to have you aboard!

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