Heather Harris' photographs were selected to be included in this fabulous Stooges Series for the French Magazine Rock&Folk. See more of Heather's images on her blog FastFilm1 and you may purchase her photographs on HeatherHarris.Net

James Williamson and Heather Harris
The rock is not dead, monthly Rock & Folk repeat, and defends your ears: rants, beating heart, the team passes in review the bins and put on the grill those which are 'cur rock. Trust your ears Philippe Manoeuvre and build your ideal LA nightclub. With Rock & Folk, live in rock!

Le rock n'est pas mort, tous les mois Rock& Folk vous le répète, et prend la défense de vos oreilles : coups de gueule, coups de cœur, l'équipe passe les bacs en revue et met sur le grill ceux qui font l'actu rock.

photos by Heather Harris

The French magazine Rock&Folk, Jan.2011 issue Hors-Serie Stooges, #26, one of a collector series on different rock bands via France's premiere music periodical.

There's many different articles on all eras of The Stooges and Iggy & The Stooges, there's photos by Mick Rock, Robert Matheu and me amongst many others, there's even a dozen photos Heather has never seen before, generally outtakes of others that one has seen, and a bonus cd of two live tracks from the Hammersmith, London show in May, 2010.

The 4 photos (attached) from 6 that were published therein are from a story on Metallic K.O. even though my shots are from the Whisky A Go Go, Hollywood. 3 of the 4 in this spread had never been published before.

photos by Heather Harris

Thanks Heather for sharing these cool images!!!

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Heather Harris at Raw Power Premiere
Stooges at The Whiskey
Stooges-Popped Fan Club
Boyfriend Meets Iggy

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