MISSING Mark Farner's Parker Fly (Tiger Striped)

Mark Farner's "Tiger" striped Parker-Fly guitar is missing or rather it's been stolen from Mark's dressing room at the Chicago's House Of Blues November 21st at 329 North Dearborn St. Chicago IL 60654

The tiger-striped Parker wasn't Mark's primary guitar but it was so unique. It went missing from Mark's dressing room Sunday night after the Rock Fantasy Camp finale.

Mark is really saddened by this loss. 2010 was a very tough year on the Farner family with the injury of Lesia and Mark's son Jesse (Prayers for Jesse Farner) and now this major insult. This thief plain infuriates me. Where do they think they are going to sell this legendary guitar?

So let's all keep our eyes open for Mark's Parker Fly online or on Ebay or anywhere else for sale. Share these above photos of it... so we can stop this creepy person(s) who committed this crime. Mucho bad Kharma to whomever they are....

Mark Farner Photo by Cindy Page Atkins

Here is more information where you can help:
From Vintage Guitar

A one-of-a-kind Parker Fly guitar owned by Mark Farner was stolen November 21 from the House of Blues, Chicago. The instrument has a custom red and black tiger stripe finish, and its serial number, 170081BP USA, is found on the lower edge of the headstock, along with the signature of builder Ken Parker.

Any information regarding the recovery of this instrument may be directed to the e-mail of Mark's guitar tech, Andrew Ladner, at aladner37@yahoo.com

History of the Parker Guitar


Zed Led Zombee said...

Still lovin' your site and emails...checked Mark Farner's site lately and some snake lifted his Parker Fly standby right out of his dressing room. There's a code you know-never hit on your best friend's girl and you never steal another man's guitar. He was asking peeps to keep an eye out for it.They aren't cheap and it takes years to set up a guitar the way you like it.....

Retro Kimmer said...

Absolutely want to help Mark find the Tiger Fly. Jerk who stole it must have been the dumbest thief in Chicago!

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