World's Youngest Professional Drummer: Julian Pavone age 7

Today Lesley (my artist/photographer daughter) and I traveled north of Detroit to meet a very special young man.... Guinness World Record holder for being the World's Youngest (since the age of 5) Professional Drummer....Julian Pavone

Julian's Monster Tour Kit

Julian will be presented with his official induction coming up soon in Los Angeles... Julian will be presented with his award and be interviewed on one of the top rated late night talk shows. Stay tuned to RK for information on when Julian's interview will be aired on television.

A musician friend called me this past weekend to chat about the extremely talented young drummer. I spent 24 hours or so researching Julian and I was just blown away by his talent and the enormous amount of media attention he has received almost since his birth.... Actually his Dad told me today that Julian went pro at age 20 months! Mind boggling...

The photo shoot for Guinness World Book of Records was this afternoon. Lots of local media were on hand as well... they include...The Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, The Patch, the Macomb Daily and a film team from Guinness' headquarters flew over from England to shoot Julian.... I am told Guinness does not often do that... Oh and there was one blogger there too... Retro: Kimmer!

See more videos featuring Julian click HERE

Annalisa age 5 and her big brother Julian age 7. Annalisa and Julian have performed songs and danced together too at the North American Auto Show. Annalisa is a very bright and a talented young artist just like when my daughter Lesley began her career in art at the same age.

When Les and I first arrived we met Julian's mom Lisa... What a lovely woman! Just felt like I had known her for a lifetime. Then Julian came running up to us at the door. Lesley brought Julian a very cool drawing... but oh no... we forgot to grab a drawing for his little sister!

When the photo shoot was over I saw that Lesley was sitting in front of Annalisa drawing a cartoon portrait of the darling little girl... Annalisa was so happy and her mom as well.

Shooting Julian in action... It is so difficult to shoot drummers! All blur and constant action! Especially with a very active 7 year old!


  1. I Love this Kid!!

  2. I have seen him on a show when I was in New York, he's from Detroit?

  3. We love him too! And yes Julian is from the Detroit area...thank you for the comments!

  4. Nice job, Kim. Julien is incredible!!!

  5. Gerry Kuskowski7/29/2011 11:48 AM

    "Very cool Kim. Wow, this Julian is SOME kid. (and you're SOME journalist)....<3"

  6. He might be better than my old friend JC! That's not your father's drum set, WOW!

  7. He endorses Sabian, ddrum and Vic Firth???? I have been playing drums for 32 years and can't even imagine having an endorsement.

  8. @ Mike W... I won't tell you about the clothing endorsements Julian has too... I mean he is off the chart and his father is a fantastic promoter as well... If I could bottle Julian's Dad's energy I would be a millionaire in a week... Not kidding... I guess it is about having great management....


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