Dave Wakeling and Keith Rendel

One of the very best things about being in Facebook is reconnecting with old friends that have moved far away or that you lost contact with back in time. One of these for me was reconnecting with Keith Rendel. Fascinating fun guy and so full of life...

We met in the 80's and instantly got along like a house on fire. Keith was living in San Francisco then and was just in Detroit for a short time. We spent time running around Detroit. Keith and I both love Ian Hunter and as luck would have it Ian was playing at Cobo Arena opening for Heart.

We caught Ian's show then we left! Never did see Heart. Keith went back to his life in California and I ended up on the road doing shows for along time too. Don't remember how we found each other again on FB but I am very happy we did. Thank you Keith XXOOk

Keith interviews Paul, Mick & Jason of Magic Christian. Video by GilW

Magic Christian Shake Some Action Live in Toronto

Keith is a friend of Dave Wakeling. I am a huge fan of Dave's so this is what prompted Keith and I to start working together from the midwest to the West Coast... Keith went to see Dave and The English Beat at the Stern Grove Festival.

Flamin Groovies guitarist Cyril was not present but leads the band I interviewed. Listen to Shake Some Action. All your musician friends will know who they were.
Talk soon. I have lots of ideas....K

The English Beat on 7-17 Video by GilW

I had the pleasure of meeting Dave when he played the Magic Bag awhile back. You can read my English Beat story HERE

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