Chris Taylor with the New Blue Snaggletooth LP

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****We will be featured on a cover mounted CD in the next issue of Classic Rock Magazine. The issue comes out in Europe in Feb. and will come out in the USA in March. The magazine will also feature a full review of our album Dimension Thule.****


Went downtown Ann Arbor tonight to celebrate Blue Snaggletooth's Blue Vinyl LP release party at the very cool comic book store Vault of Midnight... My daughter Lesley brought her friend Eric and we trekked around Ann Arbor on a balmy and very crowded Friday night... It was a big party around A2.

This cool Tshirt was free with an LP Purchase

My good friend Blue Snaggletooth (listen to their music here) guitarist Chris Taylor invited us to the launch party... Three bands and a ton of people in attendance. It was really packed with fans and that made me happy for the Blue Snag guys...

Lesley and Eric did most of the video and some stills. They were up front for the entire gig. I was hanging in the back where it was a bit cooler.

If you would like to purchase a really cool blue vinyl LP email me retrokimmer@gmail and I will get you the information...

Intergalactic psychedelic universal overlords, taking your mind on an audio/visual journey through the deepest reaches of your subconscious. If wizards could cast spells with guitars they would sound like this....

Blue Snaggletooth Video of "Last Voyage of Amra"

Blue Snaggletooth

Line Up
Chris Taylor - Guitar, Vocals
Jess Willyard - Guitar, Vocals
Ian Sugierski - Drums
Ian Harris - Bass

I met the coolest girl tonight... Claire... she sat by me for most of the gig and it turns out that her brother Curtis is one of the owners of Vault of Midnight. I took that opportunity to show Lesley's art work to him... He thought Lesley's art was awesome.... So we will talk soon to discuss which way to promote her work.

Claire loves photography and has a great eye for design as well... I think she may join me as a blogger! She is a natural for it... We had a fun Friday night got home around 1:30A and really enjoyed the show. Check out the video... it was hard to shoot as the lighting was dim and it was really hot in there...But the band really kicked out the jams.....


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kim!

Jeff S said...

"Blue vinyl": cool. Used-to cost more to make those; had to use more "virgin" vinyl, to get proper color I think (can add more filler, to "black-"). Amazing, that folks still have turntables and use those things.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim, the song in the video is titled "Last Voyage of Amra".

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