SRC/Seatbelts in Saginaw/photo: Rick Mills

Got a happy call this am from Scott Richardson lead vocalist and songwriter of the legendary SRC band.... He told me right away that is rained a bit last night and this giant rainbow appeared behind the stage.... and lucky for us Rick Mills the lead guitarist of The Seatbelts captured this shot of it... So cool... Beautiful night.

Skid Marx called me from sound check and I got to hear Scott singing and it was pitch perfect and just perfect! Scott calls me and sings songs to me over the phone and it is always such fun . I loved hearing that last night.

Kimmer and Joe Ruffner :)

During the show Dave, a shy friend of mine... called me and just pointed his cell phone at SRC so I could listen in. I just loved it! Staye tuned folks as there are some really exciting things happening with SRC soon....

Also my dear friend Mr. Dick Wagner is coming to Detroit soon and I will be with him on his media blitz, rehearsals and his shows as well... VERY COOL to be Kimmer!!! thanks to all my friends out there XXOOK

Video I made for Scott and SRC:

Video I made for Dick Wagner and Frost

Saginaw News Story/SRC

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Michael Krawczyk said...

Any word on the setlist Kimmer?? New songs???!

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