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As if Charles Manson could make a life on the outside for himself... He sabotaged his 12th parole hearing by telling fellow inmates that he was a "Dangerous man". Maybe 30 years ago but at 77 how dangerous is he?? But the fact is he needs to stay right where he is... in prison... Manson chose not to attend this hearing...

This was his 12th parole hearing and you tube has pages devoted to his many failed hearings see them HERE....


Notorious killer Charles Manson was denied parole today after a California parole board noted that he recently bragged to a prison psychologist, "I am a very dangerous man."

Manson, now a gray haired 77, was denied parole for the 12th time. He is serving a life sentence for seven murders in the 1969 "Helter Skelter" killing spree in Los Angeles.

"This panel can find nothing good as far as suitability factors go," said John Peck, a member of the panel that met at Corcoran State Prison in central California for the hearing, according to a pool report from the Associated Press.

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George Vreeland Hill said...

Charles Manson will never get out of prison.
I hope there is a jail in the afterlife because Manson should pay forever for what he did.

George Vreeland Hill