Marine City (Images of America)
By Gene Buel, Scott Buel

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The Arcadia book by Gene Buel and Scott Buel!
Product Description

Marine City is nestled on the banks of the beautiful St. Clair River, half a mile away from Sombra, Ontario, Canada. Today, it is a small town with strong American values, much like it always has been. Full of industrious people who keep America running, this town has a long history of hard work and skilled labor that is reflected in its rich heritage of shipbuilders, sailors, farmers, factory workers, and enterprising businesspeople.

Their stories are shared throughout this book in rare and seldom seen photographs from the 1870s through the 1930s. From the perspectives of the people who lived and worked here, Images of America: Marine City shows a tradition of shipbuilding and sailing, as well as life around town, documenting the important role Marine City played in the early development of the entire Great Lakes shipping industry.

Gene Buel is a lifelong resident of Marine City. A Rotarian for over 40 years, he has contributed to local publications, such as A Short History of Marine City Michigan and the River District Bicentennial Photo Collection. His grandson Scott inherited his love of history, boats, trains, and old photographs from his grandfather. Together, they operate the website Scenes from the Past.


Scenes from the Past said...

Thank you SO much, Kim! My grandpa Gene and I really appreciate your support.

Stewart Sternberg (half of L.P. Styles) said...

I love this sort of history capsule. I've posted it on my facebook page...I hope people from within and without the area will pick it up.

Scenes from the Past said...

Thanks so much, Stewart. This is definietly a labor of love for me and the majority of the profit (minus what the publisher gets) is going to my grandfather who lives on a very meager pension. Realistically, we don't expect John Grisham money, so every sale helps. I really appreciate you sharing it with your Facebook friends and I hope you'll enjoy the book if you get a chance to pick a copy up.

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