My friend Giovanni Gambino has just published another book! This one is based on romance.. Take a look at the book and you can buy it in Amazon store listed below...

How far are you willing to go to fulfill your Destiny? This novel is based on a woman who has married the wrong man. Yet determined to find her true love, her painful life journey proves there is a thin line between fantasy, reality and death.

The Novel is based on the true events of the life of Kiara Leone. You will see the good and the bad in her life. Destiny shows the reader the trials of everyday life and the more pressing issues of Kiara’s life. The main twist at the end is that the whole time of this self discovery......

RITA GAMBINO First time Author Rita Gambino was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Rita moved to Sicily at a very young age. She is one of four sisters. Her main priority in life is her kids. The mom of three gets her drive and determination from her children. Most of her work is inspired by her dreams and through the trials in her life. With hard work and her determination she hopes that Destiny can be somewhat of an educational tool for everyone.

The Gambino Family
Annalisa, Giovanni, Jennifer, and Nina

GIOVANNI GAMBINO Giovanni Gambino was born in the province of Palermo in Sicily and grew up in Torretta as did Rita! They are not related but friends. Torretta is where all the Gambino's came from originally. There is about 5000 people in Torretta and 60% are Gambinos.. The most famous last name in Torretta is Gambino-DiMaggio. Giovanni's Father and Mother's last names.

Torretta located in a mountainous area overlooking Palermo. Thirty-seven years old, he is the youngest in a family that includes four sisters and a brother. Giovanni's family moved to Bensonhurst, a neighborhood in South Western Brooklyn, in 1985.

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