Dick Wagner Kimmer (with Muruga's Sticks!) and Muruga

What a day I had yesterday!! Dick Wagner and his business partner Suzy Michelson came to town for the premiere of the Grande Ballroom Documentary..."Louder Than Love".

They invited me to lunch at Weber's. We had fun and Dick had some time to kill before the film. We called our mutual friend percussionist extraordinaire Steve "Muruga" Booker. Lucky for us Muruga was home....

Dick Wagner and Muruga

Muruga and Dick are old friends! Muruga played with Dick in one of his early bands The Eldorados! Muruga is also an Orthodox Priest and in my photo above the guys are standing in front of Father Steve's Altar.

Dick Wagner and Frost were one of my very favorite bands from Michigan in the early 1970's. Read more about Dick and The Frost on my friend Dr. J's Rock Legend Blog.

Dick Wagner playing guitar at Muruga's Studio

I did not expect to see Dick play live yesterday! Muruga and I sat quietly as the Maestro played/recorded guitar on a song of Muruga's I have the video below..

Muruga chats with old friend Dick

Suzy looks beautiful with Muruga's Kit!

Muruga (Steve Booker) Dick Wagner Suzy Michelson

Later.... after our trip to Muruga's studio I met up with my good friend Pam Cooke wife of Detroit bassist Ron Cooke (in the film ). She took me to see the premiere "Louder Than Love" as Ron was out of town. The film had a lot of my friends in it. Dennis Thompson my dear friend/the drummer of the MC5 and I went to his interview for this movie 3 years ago.

Pam Cooke and Dan Boyd "The Wizard of Livonia"

Pam Cooke and Guitarist Gary Adams

Met Mike last night and my friend and I were certain we knew him from the rock scene somewhere! But alas...Couldn't find a connection... But we love his gallery and he is a great guy so now we are FB friends! :)

Thank you so much to Dick Wagner, Suzy Michelson, Muruga, Pam and Ron Cooke and to all the many Detroit music fans!!! It was so great meeting you all yesterday.....

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Gabe said...

Good seeing you yesterday, Kimmer. "MC5 fan" is none other than A2 artist Paul Kasurin

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