What an amazing night! I was invited to attend the Detroit Music Awards this year and of course I wanted to be there. Have never been to one of these gigs before so I had no idea what to expect. I got there early and walked right inside. The ladies at the door were so charming and busy!

The Legendary Drummer Muruga and Kimmer

It was especially exciting to see my dear friend Muruga and the Quatro Sisters being honored. Notice the button I am wearing? I took Stanley T. Madhatter with me last night in spirit. A lot of people asked who Stan was and a lot toasted his memory. He would have been so happy to be in this crowd.

Joe Leone and Frank Pettis

We ran into Joe Leone from the School of Rock and one of the very finest Rock photographers of all time Frank Pettis. Frank really helped me with names and band information. Frank knows everyone!

What a vibe in that theater last night...I felt such warmth from my friends and met a bunch of RK readers too. The staff were all happy and there was not one negative ion anywhere.. Got to chat with all the vendors and charities before the show.

Linda Lexy and Allan Goode

My favorite spot for the evening was at the corner of the main bar. It definitely was where all the action was. I ran into Allan Goode and Jack Ashton... Hung out most of the night with these guys. Jack was busy working the room so Allan and I talked to all the glitterati walking by.

Nina Friday Andrea Edwards and Queen Bee (Karen Neal)

To be perfectly honest...I barely saw this show! It was so crazy busy seeing and photographing people that I barely noticed the bands. I did see Amy Gore with Her Valentines, she looked fabulous and her new band is great! Didn't get to see her after their performance.

Tino Gross and Rick Ruiner

Had my back to the stage for a minute and suddenly I hear the booming voice of Dennis "Machinegun" Thompson coming out of the speakers! He was in the trailer for the Grande Ballroom documentary. The audience cheered for him and the MC5.

 Lynne Serridge Patti Quatro Nancy Quatro and Nancy Rogers
Speaking of cheering....The Detroit audience completely loved the Quatro Sisters tonight. They were fantastic... I was so excited for them... It meant so much to them to be honored by their hometown. The room was full of love for the girls and it was so touching to witness.

Patti Quatro wrote: "Nancy Rogers played with both PS and Cradle.....awesome inventive drummer. Darline was with PS. Lynne took over bass for Suzi in 1971, an awesome talent, playing keys and bass, and still active with her own band today."

Johnny "Bee" Badanjek and Albert Freud


After the Pleasure Seekers/Cradle set the show was over. I had been there from 5:30 until 11pm. Gratefully Muruga and his friends gave me a lift back to my car which was pretty far away. We had a fabulous night and now I plan to sleep! xxooK

Marq Speck of Sweet Crystal

Allan Goode and his best pal Jack Ashton

Such a great crowd and with such cool Detroit attire!

Loved the table goodies... I wanted to peek in the bags...

Introduced myself to Steve Galli. He is a great photographer and I am a huge fan... Google Steve and see how great he is..

Photographer Steve Galli

Special Thanks to these folks for bringing us all together...Howard Hertz, Kent Agee, Terri Koggenhop, Al Wilson, Joe Bellanca, Gary Graff, Jim Edelman, Darrell Garrett, Kathy Vargo, Jean Mason, Jayson Richards, & that Drumbeater Matt Lee....for all your hard work making this happen.

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Fast Film said...

Wowza! You go, girl! I also liked your photos of your fellow media in action, like that of Steve Galli...

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