Pittsfield Union Grange Ann Arbor

Michele Lundgren wrote a beautiful story/review of my Drum Off from March 25. I just loved it and thought we'd share her blog and story with my readers....

A mini-miracle happened under the most amazing of circumstances and in the most unusual of places: at a "Drum Off" in a turn-of-the-century building. Located just outside of downtown Ann Arbor, the old Pittsfield Union Grange Hall was indeed an interesting place with a lot of history. Framed photographs of some of the founders of the area, plus pictures of students from a former one-room school house were all carefully attached to the walls.

I was mesmerized by their haunting stares, their period clothes and the accessories of the times. The old "Grange Hall" was still in remarkable condition with original floors and a very old stage. A great place to bring together people of all walks of life, especially drummers.

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  1. Thanks, Kim. That was a great show. Many incredible moments....


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