The Detroit Free Press ran a story concerning the possibility that United Sound will NOT be razed for a freeway expansion...

Merry Christmas Detroit!

Spoke with David Winans II today and we are making plans to visit United Sound Systems very soon. This amazing building was the site of so many hit recordings back in the day.. USS was a big success before Motown. In fact Berry Gordy Jr. wrote his first song here. But unlike Motown's Hitsville, no museum or historic land mark consideration was given this amazing site.

This past November the Detroit Guitar and Bass Players groups visited and had a large photo op there which I believe saved this building...Good job guys and girls!

My good friend John Neff was a session guitarist at USS..he had this response...

"I literally cried out loud when I saw this. This was the place of my learning. I skipped half of my high school senior year and hung out here and at Pioneer Sound. I was the guitar player in the house band here. We made hundreds of records, 45s mostly. Some you know very well!"

Stayed tuned we will have much more on this very soon....xK


John Neff
The United Sound story is taking on a life of its own, as it should! It was my 'baking stage'. It made me who I am today, and taught me how to work with grace with really big stars. I told the story tonight of the day in 1972 when 'the guys' and I were out back of the studio smoking, and in pulls a huge Cadillac Limo. Two big black bodyguard types get out, and ask us what we are doing there. Tiki Fulwood (percussion) goes, "We're the house band, man!". They told us to stand away from the car, and then one goes and opens a door and out steps the Black Moses himself, Isaac Hayes. We had no idea who we were working with that day!

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