.......Bootsey : "What is this called ?" ........Colonel : "Its called 'DAYLIGHT''

Colonel's Tale...

My first fateful meeting with Bootsey came in 1980 at a West side dive called Free Style. I was with my Jeep Racing Team just back from the Baja 1000. We were celebrating the end of our season and stopped in a place we'd never heard of...

It was the Bootsey band and Johnny Angelo's Reputations if memory serves. Everybody was pretty lit and Bootsey was doing an encore "Pusherman of Love.'' We started heckling, and we were a pretty rowdy group of outsiders. My musical taste ran from Led Zeppelin to J Geils, so this local music was pretty eye opening.

So Bootsey came directly off stage and sat down at our table . I thought he was going to be mad....but he dug the heckling ! We watched the rest of the show together and exchanged phone numbers, never thinking we'd meet again. A few days later when he called, I didn't even remember what it was all about. He said we should get together at his place in Livonia and go out to see some Mark Norton band later.

Next thing I knew I was sitting at his kitchen table helping him work on flyers for his next gig at the Ranch (which he called ''The Raunch''). Bob was multi-tasking as usual..."Yeah cut this out....use this logo with this photo of James Brown.....I'm writing a song...''

The song "That's Lou Yeah'' ....was a little ditty he worked on for a couple years...it was about Lou Reed sitting on the side line : "While you are out mowing the lawn....Dream Syndicate is stealing your song...'' Next thing I knew I was going over to Bob's a couple times a week.

He was drumming for the Mutants and he ''drug"  me to all the shows and introduced me as "The Colonel'' because I built him up, promoted him, and would carry a black briefcase and hand out flyers.

I soon knew everyone on the scene and started talking about forming a ''SUPER GROUP'' with one member from all these bands. After a nightmare I had about a freak show that had set up at Hines Drive ''where you could check out, but never leave'' Dark Carnival was born. Bootsey was the first drummer.

The shows that started out that Halloween were an instant success. Bootsey was always scheming..."You know if you wanna do this right....you really should get Niagara...''

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