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Coming this Tuesday night on Investigative Discovery they are airing a segment on the Michigan Coed Murders. Over 40 years ago this killing spree terrorized not only Southeast Michigan but it panicked college girls all over the US.

During part of this time (1966-1971) I lived with my family just outside Jacksonville, Alabama home of Jacksonville State University.  We had lots of  young student teachers from Jax State in our classrooms. They were acutely aware of the crimes being committed here in Washtenaw County.

 Cross St in front of McKinney Union

Whenever I was asked where I was from, all I had to mention was the place where the "Coed Killer" was rampaging on young women. Everyone knew about that case...

Since that time..there are so many people still addicted to finding out the "truth" or uncovering missing clues to this case.  Most of the players in the Michigan Murders case have passed on and John Norman still claims innocence..

 Riverside Dr.

How the video came about...

My youngest brother Jason is very interested in this case. At his prodding we went out and shot my first video with my new camera...October 2009..Unscripted and off the cuff, I narrated a tour of some of the many crime scene "landmarks" from the trial.

Filming this really unnerved me..but as my mom always said...it was in tribute to those "poor girls"..

Photos and Video by Retrokimmer.com

Mike L
I lived in Ypsi in 1977. There was a movie made all over town. I don't remember a lot about it but I don't believe it was ever released.

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