Melanie Yanchuk

So he wasn't such an innocent party boy...

The testimony came during a preliminary hearing for Danyell Thomas. He is accused of murdering John Dahlinger, whose body was found in his home in northeast Grand Rapids on Oct. 16. The 56-year-old had been beaten and shot and had a heart attack, all of which contributed to his death.

In the days following the murder, police and people who knew Dahlinger revealed a dangerous lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, gambling and women that he kept hidden....??

 in a happier time...

"Police said they found a bag in a field in Allegan County with the suspect’s phone containing ammunition that matched the murder scene. “For obvious reasons, it appears that he has lived a second life,” said Yanchuk. Yanchuk testified that Dahlinger was feeling a bit depressed after losing his sales job of 7 years after his division was eliminated at the company and things had changed, said Yanchuk."

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