Dick Wagner (photo Retrokimmer)

As the news of the passing of Detroit's guitarist Dick Wagner sinks in...I thought I would rerun a post he wrote for me a few years ago....haven't got much info as of yet..Dick had been very ill of late from an upper respiratory infection and it took his life. Dick spent the last 4 years or so touring the midwest with various players and wrote an autobiography. The family plans a memorial for Dick in Michigan at a future time. RIP Maestro....xoK

Dick Wagner (photo Retrokimmer)

Kimmer" my sweet friend....You asked me to give you a list of my favorite recordings from my past...and so I shall attempt to compile a basic top ten records that thrilled me upon first listening. These songs kicked my ass as a teenager. Warning...I'm older than you and your readers, so some of these may be barely remembered....

1. LONG TALL SALLY, Little Richard

A seminal Rock record with Little Richard at his most compelling. Deeply influenced my pathway into music.


On first listen, I could not believe what I'd just heard. The power, the intensity, the sound. Major influence.

3. STAGGER LEE, Lloyd Price

Man did this record rock! The story lyric was an example of humorous bloodletting blues. Too Cool.

4. ONLY YOU, The Platters

Made me recognize my own romantic heart. That voice felt like it was me seeking the always elusive love, just beyond reach. Young Love.

5 ONLY THE LONELY, Roy Orbison

Unrequited, the lonely heart breaks. Teenage angst. Loved it then, still do.

6. GONE, Ferlin Huskie

 Dick Wagner (photo Retrokimmer)

Another initiation into the broken romantic heart. Really a country record before I knew the difference. Mysterious, haunting, delicious vocals

7. Rawhide- Rumble Link Wray 1959

Two classic distorted guitar classic tunes. I couldn't stop listening and discovered the heart of Rock guitar. Totally Cool.


Mysterious, haunting, delicious vocals

9. SCHOOL DAYS, Chuck Berry

My introduction to lyrical, genius Rock music with great guitar riffs. Founding father of Rock.

10. DROWN IN MY OWN TEARS, Ray Charles

A fantastic introduction to the blues, Ray was live and the band was phenomenal. 1956 genius of Ray Charles Album

Dick Wagner Kimmer and Muruga

So there we go, Kim. What first pops to mind, among so so many others. Music was so rich and diverse during those 1950's. I really miss the emotion of the early records. Remember "OVER THE MOUNTAIN" by Johnny and Joe? A perfect dance so close kinda tune. Great times.

All my love,

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  1. Goddamn it... There goes that Alice Cooper reunion I was hoping for - with Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner filling in for Glen Buxton.

    RIP Dick...


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