On the Ten of Cups we see a loving couple united by the bonds of true, everlasting love. They not only have each other but all that they wish for in life as well, represented by the two children frolicking at their side and the small but comfortable home in the distance, surrounded by trees and water.

The Ten of Cups card suggests that my power today lies in completion. I celebrate and am grateful for captured moments of simple perfection. Satisfying my hearts desire connects me by example to love, beauty, pleasure, and happiness in those around me and gives me confidence to take it to the next level. "We made it." Unconditional love makes a family and home is where the heart is, so at last, I am never alone. I am empowered by gratitude and my gift is emotional fulfillment.

feeling joy
embracing happiness having a sense of well-being radiating love delighting in good fortune counting your blessings expressing delight
enjoying peace
experiencing serenity doing away with hostilities restoring harmony reducing stress and tension feeling contented and at ease calling a truce relaxing
looking to the family
working for peace in the home going on a family event reaffirming a family commitment supporting a relative in need bonding with family members forgiving someone in the family

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