You may be falling in love with someone, perhaps falling head over heels for them. It's a great feeling, but be sure to keep a reality check on this today. Don't go rushing into anything, take your time and get to know this person better. If you are studying at this time, due to take an exam of some sort or otherwise need to concentrate, don't allow yourself to be distracted too much.

The Page of Cups signifies the beginning of a creative project or venture. It is an indication that there is creative energy trying to burst forth into your consciousness. Explore this newfound creativity through art, drama, dance, etc.

Be Emotional
be moved or touched
let your feelings show
respond to beauty
be sentimental or romantic
shed your detachment
let your heart lead the way
Be Intuitive
receive guidance from within
act on a hunch
remember your dreams
have a psychic experience
experience direct knowing
trust your gut reaction
Be Intimate
start or renew a love affair
meet someone you're attracted to
get closer to someone
go beyond formalities
have a special moment of togetherness
solidify a friendship
share something personal
Be Loving
make a thoughtful gesture
express sympathy and understanding
forgive yourself
forgive someone who has hurt you
apologize to someone you have hurt
reach out and touch someone
mend a broken relationship
brighten someone's day
respond with caring rather than anger
refuse to judge or condemn

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