My personal favorite Amboy Dukes Album is Migration, The Amboy Dukes' third album, was released in fall 1968 on Mainstream Records It failed to chart.

The Amboy Dukes were an American rock music band of the late 1960s and early 1970s from Detroit, Michigan, best remembered for their hit single "Journey to the Center of the Mind", and for launching the career of Ted Nugent. The band's name comes from the title of a book by Irving Shulman. Bassist Greg Arama died in 1979.


BillyWarhol said...


Journey to the Center of the Mind was a Fave Tune way back then* ;))

We went to Harpo's which looks similar to Grande Ballroom - I always wanted to see Ted's New Years Show at Cobo Hall* or as Dick The Bruiser would say Air-Conditioned Cobo Arena!!

I had a great 8 Track Tape i think it had Cat Scratch Fever + Stranglehold on it*

I'm curious to hear more of those old Amboy Dukes records*

Ted Nugent to me exemplifies Michigan + Rock n Roll!!

Cheers Kimmer!! Billy ;)) Peace*

Retro Kimmer said...

We went to Eastown too. I am going to do a bit more on venues later. I worked at Cobo for a long time. Migration and Hey Baby are my fav Ted tunes. We saw Ted on New Years a few times the Red wings play on New Year's Eve too!

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